Knitting Inspiration from TNNA

One of my favorite things to do after I return from TNNA (yarn show) is pull out all of the goodies I gathered;
bits of yarn, business cards, brochures, buttons, postcards, and order forms. I spread it all out on my bed, then put together an inspiration board. Not everything that will be arriving is posted on here, but it's a great way to get a feel of the upcoming season. It also keeps me excited all season long, because one look at that board reminds of all the good things to come!

What am I excited about this knitting season? 

New companies to look forward to this knitting season:
  • Knitting Kits from Knit Outta the Box
  • Knitting patterns from Crafty Diversions, Designs by Romi, Olga Jazzy, MLF Patterns, Leigh Radford, Fickle Knitter, Dull Roar, French Press Knits Patterns, Pam Powers, Woolly Wormhead, and Kalamazoo Knitting Patterns
  • Chic yarns and childrens knitting patterns from MillaMia
  • Amazing knitting supplies from Art in Sheep's Clothing, Yarn Bowls, Chic-a Bags (wait until you see these knitting bags!)
So, be sure you are signed up for our email newsletter so we can let you know as soon as these amazing yarns, knitting patterns and kits arrive!