Knitter's Bucket List: My Top 10 Classic Must-Knit Patterns

Okay, I'm not crazy about the term "bucket list," but there are some patterns in the knitting world, that everyone just has to experience as a knitter. Some for an interesting technique or use of color, others because they are just plain fun to knit. Some patterns introduce you to a new challenge for no other reason than the bragging rights to say you've done it, like climbing Mount Everest..nobody HAS do it, but hey it's out there, why not go the distance? 
Do you have any patterns on your bucket list? Please share them with us!

Knitter's Bucket List: My Top 10 Classic Must-Knit Patterns

Gaugeless Hat
Shown, Cabin Fever's Gaugeless Hat Pattern
1.  A Gaugeless Hat- I have LOTS of stash yarn..a little leftover yarn from a sweater, or a ball of yarn I just had to buy because it looked good, or because it was the only ball left on the shelf and it needed a good home (mine).

That's where the Gaugeless Hat pattern comes in handy. It's perfect for those odd balls, doesn't require much yarn, and you get to pick the gauge and size of the hat! I've made Cabin Fever's Gaugeless Hat knitting pattern more times than I can count! It's one of those go-to patterns I keep in my knitting library for when I'm just itchin' to knit a small, quick, relaxing project. It's also ideal to make for knitting charities.

Log Cabin Knitting
Shown, Plymouth Log Cabin Throw Pattern
2. A Log Cabin Throw- Log cabin afghans are a true taste of Americana. Inspired by log cabins our of our great plains, the aptly named afghan has a similar log-by-log construction that builds on itself. Log cabin throws can be knit using traditional colors, brights, or even using self striping yarns. What makes a log cabin throw unique is it's interesting, yet extremely fun to knit process. They may be large enough to fit a bed or small enough to snuggle a baby in a stroller. My favorite log cabin throws are Grannycore's Crazy Log Cabin Afghan Throw, Plymouth Log Cabin Throw Pattern, and Plymouth Self Striping Log Cabin Throw Pattern.

Mitered Square Knitting
Shown, Plymouth Boku Mitered Square Afghan Pattern
3. Mitered Squares - The name sounds so much more daunting than it actually is! To knit a mitered square, you cast on the total number of stitches for two sides of the square. By consistently decreasing (aka mitering) at the center of the stitches, a square or diamond shape is formed. When you have decrease down so there are no more stitches on your needle...ta-dah! a mitered square is complete! Mitered square knitting projects have been found in afghans, shawls, tote bags, sweaters, baby blankets and more. They show off best when using self striping yarn or more than one color.  Some of my favorites mitered square knitting patterns: Kauni Oakland Shawl PatternBoku Mitered Diamonds Aghan pattern, Plymouth Encore Mitered Baby Afghan, Cabin Fever Calling All Angles Pattern, Boku Mitered Square Throw Pattern, Mitered Square Baby Cardigan Pattern, Boku Rectangle Mitered Shawl Pattern, Knitting at Knoon Nursery Blocks Modular Knit Baby Blanket.

Basic Cables
Shown, Imagine Knits Grace 4-Button Cable Shawl Pattern
4. Basic Cables - A simple twist in my knitting creates something I never get tired of, cables. I love how easy they actually are to create and the amazing results (especially the reactions of non-knitters..."wow! you knit that???!!!"). I'm not talking about a Fisherman sweater that is loaded with cables either, I love the look of a simple cable running through a bit of stockinette (or reverse stockinette) stitches. My favorites include Chic Knits Mondo Cabled Cardigan (or Vest) Pattern, Imagine Knit Designs Grace 4-Button Cable Shawl Pattern, Knit and Tonic Natty Duo Cabled Hat & Scarf Pattern, and Plymouth Infinity Scarf/Cowl Knitting Pattern.

Side to Side Sweaters
Shown, Jack & Jill Kids Cardigan Pattern
5. Side to Side Construction - Most sweaters are knit from the bottom-up or the top-down. I always feel like there is a bit of a rebellious streak in designers who choose to knit from side-to-side...beginning at the sleeve and knitting to the other sleeve? How wild! (and fun to knit!) It creates and interesting look and is usually best shown off with a self striping yarn to really show it's effect.  My favorites include: Plymouth Kudo Side-to-Side Tank Pattern (it's super easy, great for a beginner), Heirloom Stitches Jack & Jill Children's Cardigan Pattern, Tree Knitter Designs Lola Drape Front Vest Pattern, SWTC South West Trading Company Tofu Tee Knitting Kit.

Triangle Shawl Patterns
Shown, Imperial Stock Ranch Rustic Shawl Pattern
6. Triangle Shawl - This is another go-to knitting project I love. Triangle shawls seem to knit up with little effort. I tend to get a good rhythm going them and they are perfect for stuffing in my bag and have on hand wherever I go; waiting in the school car loop, orthodontist, in a restaurant, at the get the picture! My favorites are: Plymouth Kudo Triangle Shawl Pattern, Imperial Stock Ranch Rustic Shawl Pattern, Heirloom Stitches Alfina Maria Wrap Pattern, and Be Sweet Magic Ball Shawl Pattern.

Top Down Sweater Patterns
Shown, Chic Knits Basic Hoodie Pattern
7. Top Down Sweater - Sweaters knit from the top-down are pure genius!  Stitch markers placed at the sleeve edges let you know where to increase, so you knit the top part of the sweater and the sleeves at the same time. They are knit in the round and that means rarely having to turn your work and often no seams to sew! My favorite top-down sweaters: Cosmicpluto Top-Down Shoulder Warmer Shrug, Plymouth Haciendo Top-Down Tunic, Baby Alpaca Top-Down Jacket, Tree Knitter Eves Leaves Girls Cardigan, and Chic Knits Basic Hoodie pattern.

Feather & Fan Knitting
Shown here, Kauni Wiggle Wrap Pattern
8. Feather and Fan - Like ocean waves, feather and fan stitches create a gentle rolling pattern. A combination of increases and decreases creates the wavy pattern. Most often, they allow you to get into a good knitting rhythm. They are one of my favorites for TV knitting. As long as you keep track of your rows, feather and fan projects are easy to pick up and put down. I like that I have to pay a little attention, but not so much it takes me away from my favorite shows.  My favorite feather and fan projects: Plymouth Feather and Fan Afghan pattern, Knit One Crochet Too Purple Waves Scarf pattern, Kauni Wiggle Wrap pattern, and Ann Norling Crib Blankets II pattern.

Diagonal Knitting
Shown, Be Sweet Diagonal Shawl Kit
9. Diagonal Knitting - The process behind diagonal knitting is so simple and it creates very cool results. By simply always increasing at one end and decreasing at the other, turns an ordinary scarf (or other project) and makes it appear to be knit on the diagonal.

Simple Lace Knitting
Shown, Gardiner Yarn Works Boomerang Scarf Pattern
10. Simple Lace - I've talked to so many knitters who think that lace knitting is unapproachable for an advanced beginner knitter. Guess what? It's not! Lace is simply a combination of yarn overs and knit together (decrease) stitches. The trick is in paying attention to what row you are on and getting in the habit of checking your work every few rows. There are a number of easy to knit lace patterns to get you started. My favorites are: Gardiner Yarn Works Boomerang Scarf pattern, Knitting at KNoon Wisteria Lace Vest pattern, Knitting Matters Luffle Scarf Pattern (perfect for a beginner!), Kollage Lace Scarf Pattern, and Ysolda Teague Icing Swirl Slouchy Hat knitting pattern.

How do you like my knitting pattern bucket list? 
Do you have any projects on your knitting bucket list?  What are they?