Call the Doctor! Narwhal Fever Hits Home!

Knit Your Own Narwhal Stuffed Animal
Dangercrafts Napoleon Narwhal Knitting Pattern
No, we didn't catch Bieber Fever...we caught Narwhal Fever. This trend crept into our house a few months ago. Narwhals. First, I overheard my tween saying "nar-whal" over and over in funny voices. Next, came the Narwhal video on YouTube. It's been played more times than I can count (and yes, I know all the words to the silly song). Also, she started drawing lots of cute pictures of Narwhals. She has a few self-created Narwhal drawings hanging in her bedroom and even created one for her Aunt Heather. Then, the addiction hit NobleKnits (check out the pattern on our BestSellers Page). All of a sudden our adorable Dangercrafts knitting pattern, Napoleon the Nervous Narwhal became our number one most seached item on Google!

What are Narwhals? Known as the "unicorn of the sea" this light colored, whale is closely related to the beluga. It has a long tusk that looks like a horn, coming out of it's head. Scientists have mixed views on the use of the tusk, but most recent theories suggested it is used as a sensory organ and for communication. Read more about the Narwhal

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Knit a Narwhal for Your Kid or Tween  But most of all, Narwhals look adorable in a knitted, stuffed animal version! If you have a kid or tween, knit them a Norwhal, they will thank you for it! PS. Show them the Narwhal video, too. :)
Napoleon Narwhal is an easy pattern, perfect for stash yarn. You choose how big it will be based on the yarn you select.
Napoleon the Nervous Narwhal
shown in grey tweed yarn
Narwhals are popping up in other designer's work, too. How about a Narwhal Tee, or good heavens, a Narwhal Knitting Bag!
Narwhal Knitting Bag!