Top 10 Lace Shawl Patterns for Spring

Sasha Lace Shawl Pattern
1 ball project from Fiesta Yarns
We've been seeing them everywhere, lace shawls for Spring. I love how light and airy they are while still keeping your shoulders warm. And the bonus for knitters, there are so many lace shawl and wrap patterns available to you! Many of them only require one ball of yarn, and there is something about knitting lace that is so gratifying. I'm not sure if it is the ability to choose a luxurious yarn like silk or alpaca, or if it's the interesting pattern that keeps my mind occupied, but lace knitting is certainly something that is hot this spring - and we can't seem to get enough of it, either!

Top 10 Lace Shawl Patterns for Spring
  1. Fiesta Yarns Anna Lace Shawl
  2. Be Sweet's Sweet Shawl With Slubs
  3. Brooklyn Tweed Girasole Shawl Pattern
  4. Prism Shawl Kit
  5. Cosmicpluto Crossfield Shawl Pattern
  6. Ysolda Teague Ishbel Shawl
  7. Fiesta Yarns Sasha Lace Shawl
  8. Gardiner Yarn Works Amethyst Shawl
  9. Kollage Leafprints Shawl Pattern
  10. Tree Knitter Designs Tidal Pool Shawl
Leafprints Shawl
from Kollage Yarns