Knitting for Kids - Wearable (and washable) Knits from Sassy Skein

Sassy Skein Fairy Princess Sweater
Just right for kids knitting!  Sassy Skein is a collection of fun to knit pullovers, cardigans, dresses, and hats for kids is now available at NobleKnits

A little bit about the company...Sassy Skein's well known designers, Mary Bonnette and Jo Lynne Murchland, have published several books featuring all things knitting related for kids.  Experts in the "knitting for kids" arena even led them to designing their own yarn line, Sassy Skein Karibbean Kotton Collection.  These yarns are available in DK and Worsted weights.  We love them because they are soft, easy to knit (they don't split), come in rich colorfast shades, and are machine washable - ideal for kids knits!

Now, their collection of whimsical knitting patterns brings Sassy Skein full circle.  Adorable projects that feature their easy care yarn - you'll love to make them and your kids will actually love to wear them!

See our entire collection of Sassy Skein Knitting Patterns for Kids
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