Go West! New Westknits Patterns for seriously good knitting.

Nancy and Westknits designer, Stephen West
Meet designer, Stephen West!

We got to meet up with Westknits designer, Stephen West, at the TNNA show earlier this season.  This fresh faced young designer, who recently relocated to Amsterdam, is whipping up some fabulous new creations for those who love to knit. 

His specialty is shawls.  These shawls aren't your typical cast on 30 stitch and grab your big needles, either.  They are a work of art. Like break-out-your-best-Koigu type knitting.  His focus is on creating interesting shapes by using texture, shaping, and lots of mitering.  The patterns really seem to have their own rhythm.  Designs that are simple enough to enjoy, but challenging enough to keep you thinking.  I enjoy stopping along the way and taking a look at the work in progress, seeing the design come to life before my eyes.  Enjoy!

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