What I knit out of Plymouth Ampato Baby Alpaca...

Ampato Baby Cap - One-ball knitting project!
My daughter's teacher recently had a baby so we surprised her with a soft cuddly hat made out of Plymouth's Ampato yarn - it's a new baby alpaca with a very natural look and feel. I picked this yarn because it is so soft, it has a nice tweed look that adds a bit of depth to my knitting, and I thought it looked so cute with the little puppy dog button. Most importantly, I knew it would only take one-ball to knit up this project and I finished it while watching a couple of my husband's tennis tournaments in just a weekend.

I used one of my favorite knit hat patterns, Ann Norling Pointed Stocking Cap. What I love about Ann Norling patterns is that they are very versatile. They allow you do use just about any yarn, you just need to know the gauge of the yarn before you get started. I wanted my hat to have a bit tighter feelt than what was recommended on the label, so I used size US 6 circular 16" and double pointed needles. That allowed me to follow the 5 sts/inch gauge on the pattern.
Here's a quick list of everything needed to make the Ampato Baby Cap: