Preview Fiesta Flower of the Month Yarns!

TNNA Show Fiesta Yarn Preview!
We interviewed Fiesta Yarns' owner, Jeannie Duncan at TNNA to preview the new arrivals in the Flower of the Month Yarn Collection. Click the link above to watch the video or read the interview below.

NobleKnits: Hi this is Nancy Queen, we're here at the Fiesta Hand Dyed Yarn booth with owner, Jeannie Duncan. She's here to show us the new Flower of the Month Yarns.

Duncan: Hi, Nancy! How are you? Hi, Noble Knitters!

NobleKnits: Hi, Jeannie! Show us what you've got!

Duncan: Well we are excited to present the next 6 months of the Flower of the Month Program. So, starting in July, you will be able to order from Nancy (NobleKnits), Calla Lily. Beautiful pinks and orange and a little light blue - Calla Lilies come in actually 70 different colors, or so from around the world. August is Gladiolus, 250 species originating in Africa. And September, one of our favorite colors, Morning Glory.

NobleKnits: Oh, that's beautiful!

Duncan: And, I did not know Morning Glories bloom in the morning and die in the afternoon. And I kept watering them and didn't know what I was doing wrong. See, I don't know much about flowers!

NobleKnits: But you do know a lot about yarn!

Duncan: I do know a lot about yarn!

NobleKnits: Thank you so much, Jeannie.

Duncan: You're very welcome. Thanks, Nancy! Thanks, NobleKnitters!

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