Free Knitting Pattern for Plymouth Encore!

This little candy-cane striped slouchy hat and cowl pattern is new from Plymouth Yarns. It's a FREE knitting pattern featuring Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight Yarn (machine washable, woo hoo!). It's such an easy knit design, it got me thinking of all the variations you could do to personalize this project.

Ways to Personalize Cowl and Slouchy Hat Free Pattern
  1. Knit it in all one color
  2. Knit it in your high school/college or favorite sports team colors
  3. Use one color for the background then alternate a few other colors for the contrasting rows
  4. Knit it in using Encore Colorspun for a color changing effect
  5. Knit the background in a solid and the stripes in a coordinating shade of Encore Colorspun

Have fun with it and please feel free to send us photos of your completed project! Happy knitting!

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