Martha Stewart Show features The Knit Kit

Marth Stewart Show Features The Knit Kit
Creator, Barbara Barry, features the Knit Kit today, Tuesday March 9th on the Marth Stewart Show. The Knit Kit is a portable knitting companion. Packed inside this handy little kit are all the knitting tools you'll ever need: stitch markers, scissors, tape measure, stitch counter, crochet hook, thread cutter, and (point) tip protectors. The knit kit is TSA approved, great for travel, and a must have for your knitting bag.
The Turquoise Knit Kit is NEW for 2010 and includes 2 additional features: a double sided crochet hook (especially for sock knitters), and a darning needle for finishing work.

Get your Knit Kit Today! Available in Black or Turquoise

The NEW Knit Kit for 2010 shown in Turquoise - 2 additional features: a double sided crochet hook and a finishing needle.

The back of The Knit Kit, shows open compartment for scissors, point protectors, and stitch markers

The Knit Kit - note key features: crochet hook (left), stitch counter (top), thread cutter (right), and tape measure (bottom)