HiYa HiYa Dumplings Case and Stitch Markers

New Product - HiYa HiYa Dumplings Case and Stich Markers Set

Wow! Since we returned from TNNA, it seems like life has been in a tailspin. So many new products have started arriving - new patterns, notions, and of course lots of new yarns!

A new product we sold out of the first hour we had it online was the HiYa HiYa Dumpling Case + Stitch Marker Set. We weren't surprised, because we flipped over them as much as you did when we discovered these little cases at TNNA. Don't worry - we had them rush another delivery ASAP, so the Dumplings are in stock and ready to ship!

What's not to love?

First of all, a Dumpling is an adorable little triangle shaped case that fits neatly in the palm of your hand. Each case is about three inches long and decorated in a lovely brocade fabric. Pinch the sides and the little Dumpling pops open to reveal 6 stitch markers. These colorful little markers look like tiny balls of yarn attached to a ring. Also in the pouch are larger rings so that the stitch markers can accomodate most size needles. Add this knitting treasure to your notions basket. It's great for travel and makes a great gift for fellow knitter.

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