12 Days of Holiday Cheer - Day 2: Knit Mittens!

12 Days of Holiday Cheer
Day 2: Knit Mittens!

One of my favorite Christmas memories...
Growing up, every year my grandma would ask all of the grandchildren to trace their hand and send the drawing to her along with a request of our favorite color. Christmas morning, each of us would receive a new pair of knit mittens handmade by Grandma in, of course, our favorite color...and if we were lucky, even a hat or a scarf, too! The mittens alway fit perfectly, since she would measure our outlined hands and knit up a pair of mittens from a basic pattern. Years later, when arthritis made knitting too difficult for my grandma, I received her mitten pattern booklet. When I opened it, inside was an outline of my youngest sister's hand! I still have the pattern book, the outline, and the warm memories of all those cozy mittens!

Create some holiday memories for someone you love!

Day 2 of Holiday Cheer
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