Just fun or a knitting addiction?

Do you ever have a knitting pattern that you just love to make again and again?

Apparently, I do.

I recently picked up a skein of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Paint and thought how nice it would look knitted up into the Ann Norling Spiral Rib Hat pattern. I've been happily knitting away, keeping this project stashed in my purse to knit whenever I have a spare moment.

It wasn't until yesterday when I was cleaning up & organizing my yarn stash and projects that I realized my fun little project may have become an addiction...

My assortment of Ann Norling Spiral Rib Caps!

Things I love about the Spiral Rib Cap pattern:
  • One thing I love about this pattern is that it easy and repetitious.
  • It can be knit out of just about any yarn you have lying around (shown above DKweight, worsted weight, chunky weight and even bulky yarns)!
  • May be knit for all ages and head sizes - baby to adult.
  • It's a handy, no-think pattern that gives you something to knit without too much brain effort.
  • Great for using up a spare yarn ball or two.
  • It's a really fun pattern!

Check out the Ann Norling Spiral Rib Hat Pattern