My 10 Favorite "Stress Buster" Knitting Projects!

Turn on the TV, and there isn't much good news to be had at the moment. Watching too much of it stresses me out, so I've been avoiding the TV as much as possible. I've been trying to fill my time with reading, movies, music, walking, and as much knitting as possible. I feel my teeth begin to unclench, my breathing slow, and my whole body relax as I work the stitches.

So in these stressful times, I've compiled my favorite "stress buster" knitting projects. All are easy projects and selected to help you kick back and relax.Take a deep breath and knit!

My 10 Favorite "Stress Buster" Knitting Projects!
  1. Mission Falls Cheer Hat & Fingerless Gloves Project
  2. Felted Clogs to cozy your toes by Fiber Trends
  3. Ann Norling Pointed Stocking Cap Pattern
  4. Painted Diamonds Bag from Knit One, Crochet Too
  5. Mission Falls Aimee Cardigan Sweater
  6. Albion Vest by Oat Couture
  7. Cabin Fever Side to Side Shawl to Knit
  8. Easy Blanket, Sweater, Hat & Booties by Ann Norling
  9. Mission Falls Bob Blankie Project
  10. Marty Scarf to knit for men or women from Mission Falls