Happy Blog Action Day

It's our second year to participate in Blog Action Day! Bloggers and readers from around the globe are taking the day to act. This year's focus is Poverty.

Guess what? Do you know just from knitting you can help so many others?

Here's how you can help: Buy yarn and knitting supplies from yarn companies that help women/families in impoverished nations. We carry yarn and supplies from several of these companies.

  • Our friends at Lantern Moon provide work opportunity for women in Vietnam who's only source of income is working in the rice fields two months out of the year. Through their work, they are able to provide for themselves and their families.

  • The craftswomen owners of Manos del Uruguay have set up a non-profit Association, with the objective of generating employment for rural women, allowing them to stay in their home towns, earn their living and develop themselves as human beings.

  • The wonderful folks at Himalaya Yarn employ people of Nepal while providing us with gorgeous, handmade recycled silk yarn made from saris.

  • Be Sweet Products, brings us stunning mohair yarns and here's how. Be Sweet works with several job creation programs in South Africa by giving artisans the confidence and the means to support themselves and their families in an otherwise economically depressed region. The empowerment groups have grown to include over 200 villagers, mostly female members of the Xhosa tribe, who live in Cape Town, the Eastern Cape region and Johannesburg. Participants are responsible for making mohair, bamboo and organic cotton yarns, accessories and home goods. Many of the women depend on their work for their survival. With the help of experienced program directors, the women are able to work in stable environments where they can earn a fair wage, learn a new skill and enjoy their jobs.

  • Finally, be sure to check out our knitting charities. Just one tiny sweater, a simple blanket, or a quick hat can warm someone's heart and body who really needs it. Check out our knitting charities on the left side of the blog.

Just you, a pair of sticks and a ball of yarn can make a difference.

To encourage you to knit for a cause we are offering 20% OFF your purchase, use code: BLOGACTIONDAY2008 - for today, October 15, 2008.