Give a knitting basket!

Here is an opportunity to share the gift of knitting with someone who truly needs it. Purchase a "Knitting Basket" from Heifer International - a charity helping to cure world hunger. Your gift represents two llamas and two sheep — four animals famous for their warm, income-producing wool. From shearing to spinning, weaving and finally to selling woolen goods at market, the gift of a Knitting Basket will help struggling families earn extra income to break free from the grip of poverty and hopelessness. Over time, as that gift multiplies and more animals are passed on to help others in need, entire communities will be warmed by the wool of a Knitting Basket.

It's a great gift for someone who has everything. Gifts start as little as $10 - Check out their entire
Online Giving Catalog. They also have gifts of water buffalo, trees, pigs, honey bees, and ducks!

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