Don't be a hero.

When driving to an unknown destination with my husband, he refuses to stop for directions. So we have spent countless hours driving around aimlessly, arguing over which direction he should go, etc...I'm sure many of you can feel my pain. But recently I got a GPS and it tells me what direction to go and when. I love it and use it all the time. He still refuses to use it (directly), and will call me when he's lost so I can give him directions over the phone (using my GPS). Oh, well, baby steps.

So what's my point...and how does this relate to knitting?
Well, with the Cable Bag project now out there for you to knit, it's a good idea to use a little "GPS system" to help you get along. Often knitters think they have to keep all the pattern directions in their head. Then, they stop working on the project for a day or two, and when they go back to it, they are completely lost. I can't tell you how many projects I abandoned because I couldn't figure out where I left off. The time I've wasted trying to figure out what row I'm on is frustrating & ridiculous (and worst of all, wasted knitting time!). Wow, that must be how my hubby feels when he's driving around aimlessly.

What I needed was a KPS (Knitting Positioning System)!
Now, I never work on a project without having a KPS handy. The Clover Kacha-Kacha counter, shown above, is a little clicker that keeps count of rows and many knitters like this option. Simply click the counter when you've completed a row. My KPS is my trusty paper and pen. As you can see above, I've numbered my page from 1-8, for the rounds in the pattern. I marked on round 8 to remind me that is my cable round. If I check off a round it means I've completed that round. It's my own little system that allows me to walk away from my project and when I return, I'll know exactly where to pick it up again.

What KPS do you use to help you keep track? Please share your ideas!