Judi Ribbon Knitting Project - FREE PATTERN!

Pattern is FREE + yarn is on SALE
Just right for tv knitting! Knit this quick and easy scarf/wrap. Only one ball of Judi Ribbon!

If you noticed the scarf project (WIP) that was on Day 10 of the Celebration, here it is completed as a free pattern!

Here's what you'll need:
  • 1 ball Judi & Co. Ribbon (about 100 yards) - get it before monday night on sale!
  • Size US 15 or 17 needles

Triangle Scarf/Wrap - very easy project!

  • Cast on 3 sts
  • Knitting every row, increase one stitch at the BEGINNING of every row until there are 35 stitches on the needle.
  • Now, increase at the BEGINNING and END of every row until there are only a few yards of yarn left on the ball.
  • Bind off as LOOSE as possible. Weave in yarn ends.
  • Gently steam to relax the stitches and make your scarf a bit larger.