10 for 10 Celebration - Day 1

Hey! It's our official 100th blog post! We do tend to go a bit overboard on the celebrations around here, so we're celebrating for the next 10 days (and that means only 90 more posts until the next party, woohoo!).

I LOVE felting, so I've chosen my 10 favorite felting patterns to highlight today.

The best part...all items mentioned TODAY are 20% OFF for ONE DAY ONLY!

My 10 Favorite Felting Patterns
  1. Fiber Trends Felted Clogs Pattern

  2. Noni Bags Bobbles Bobbles Everywhere Felted Bag

  3. Plymouth Felted Wine Cozy and Bowls Pattern
  4. Fiber Trends Felted Hat Pattern

  5. Designs by Shelley The Wave Knitting Bag Pattern

  6. Alpacas & Llamas Felted Toys Pattern by Fiber Trends

  7. Mezza Luna Felted Bag Pattern by Knit Kits

  8. Pick Up Sticks Striped Bell Hat Pattern for baby

  9. Noni Garden Party Bag pattern

  10. Fiber Trends Fabulous Felt Totes Pattern

Don't forget! They are 20% OFF until Monday night 11:59 pm - August 4, 2008.Check back tomorrow for another day of FUN and CELEBRATION!