Woo-Hoo, a book review!

Here's our first book review. It's from Crochet Today Magazine and here's what they had to say:

The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet
"Confident that beginner skills don't have to beget boring projects, the creative duo behind the Chicks with Sticks "No Think" pattern line have pulled together a fun-and-friendly guide to getting started in crochet. Covering everything from how to read a yarn label to turning a chain, the Chicks take first-timers through all the basics of starting, stitching, and finishing a project, along with shortcuts and snippets of advice to speed things along. And while the patterns are geared to beginners, there's no reason more experienced stitchers should shy away. The projects (30 in all) may be simple, but they've got style to spare. Our faves include a felted case for crochet hooks, rose-shaped washcloths, and a cool zigzag shoulder bag mad from recycled sari silks.
What we really love:
Chapters are formatted by lesson, and each includes a project on which newbies can practice freshly learned skills; there's also encouragement to embellish, change yarns, or work simple alterations for the existing patterns." - Crochet Today