New Book Release Date - Coming Soon!

A day Mary Ellen & I have been looking forward to is finally approaching! It's the release of our other new book, the Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting!

The book is scheduled to ship August 5th, 2008.
Product Description
Chicks, start your sticks! This time it’s all about knitting
* More and more chicks want to knit--industry groups report huge increase in numbers of under-35 crafters
* Follow-up to The Chicks with Sticks® Guide to Crochet
* Fresh, fun, fashion-forward projects and super-simple step-by-steps, great for gatherings
Stop letting worry knit your brows, ladies. Let go of your fear of knitting, and take hold of The Chicks with Sticks® Guide to Knitting. With more than 30 simple, chic projects plus simple step-by-step instructions, this book is the complete guide to starting and enjoying this fun, rewarding hobby. New knitters can finish up their first projects in a weekend; more advanced beginners (that is, the ones who have knitted scarves before) can move to the next level. Call your posse and settle down in the living room or at the coffeehouse. The Chicks with Sticks will take care of the rest, from essential tools and materials to basic lessons to more than 30 doable projects, including cool belts, beautiful scarves, felted bags, stylish wraps, and snuggly sweaters.