Happy Presidents' Day!

Hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend. I had grand plans for cleaning...but didn't get very far. It was a relaxing weekend and I thought it appropriate today to mention my favorite presidents.

I've always loved reading and learning about Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson, but I must say that George Washington is closest to my heart. It's not just because he was the first president, and he's on money (those are good points, though). It's because the reinactment of Washington Crossing the Delaware was part of my upbringing.

My Uncle Charles was one of the founders of the reinactment at Washington's Crossing State Park. He recruited my dad to be an oarsman when I was about eight years old. More than thirty years later, my dad is still part of the reinactment. He brought my brother on board and now the reinactment is a family tradition. I grew up playing by the Delaware on weekends leading up to Christmas. Then, Christmas Day we would hurry to open gifts in the morning so that we could get to "the River." Some years the reinactors would make it across, some years not...due to the weather. Today, I always host Christmas dinner and our plans revolve around "the River." I'm proud of them for bringing the historical event to life every year and reminding us why Washington was our first president. Have a great day in the USA.