Oh, Jennifer!

I'm sure my sister had no idea she'd be today's post (or hair, make up, and background may have been a little different). She took this on her cell phone and sent it to my phone.

But look! My non-crafting, self-proclaimed "Book Worm" sister, finished her first scarf! She even figured out how to bind off on her own! She showed me her progress about a week ago. Nice, even stitches; she's even a bit of a perfectionist...she'll make a very good knitter.

Jen's scarf was knit out of 1 hank of a very soft, chunky -Plymouth Alpaca Grande, on size 15 needles. She cast on 12 stitches and knitted every row.

WAY TO GO, Jen! Hmmm, I wonder what her next project will be....