NO SEW Vest - Knit Along Part V

Now it's time to add the finishing touch to the sleeves and neckline!

Let's begin with the Armholes

Be sure to turn your garment to right sides facing out. Use 16" size 9 needles. Attach yarn at bottom edge of Armhole opening. Pick up 68 (68, 72, 72, 76) sts evenly around armhole edge.

PICKING UP STITCHES helpful information!
Okay, before you begin picking up stitches let's just take a look at the sleeve opening. If you made the Smallest size you will need to pick up 68 stitches around the outside edge. Instead of just picking up over and over and feeling frustrated that you have picked up too few or too many stitches try this: The big trick in picking up stitches is planning. Divide the armhole opening in half in your head. Since you have to pick up 68 sts total, you'll need to pick up 34 of those stitches on the front and the remaining 34 on the back. You may even need to divide into smaller and smaller sections, sometimes I use a few pins to help plan out where my stitches will be distributed.

Now to actually pick up stitches. Begin Right Side facing you and hold your needle in your RIGHT hand. Insert needle into next stitch, yarn over as if to knit and pull up that loop. That is how you pick up a stitch. Repeat that evenly around.

Armhole Ribbing. Working in the round, k2, p2 for 5 rows. Bind off and repeat on other armhole.

Neck Ribbing. Using 16" size 9 needles. Beginning at Center of Front, pick up 60 (64, 64, 68, 68) sts evenly around neckline edge. Working BACK and FORTH across instead of in the round, work a k2, p2 rib for 5 rows. Bind off leaving an 8" tail. Using tail, tack down ribbed edge.

Weave in all yarn ends and enjoy!