Anne Taintor stuff, Wrong...yet so right!

I'm keeping today's blog short and sweet. I'm a bit tired because we drove to my sister's for my nephew's 16th birthday party, which was a golf outing for "the guys." The girls spent the afternoon at his 14-year old brother's baseball game. It was fun, I think other spectators probably thought I was insane since I was a newbie cheering REALLY loud for my nephew. Also, I've gained a whole new appreciation for how my sister and her family spend their weekends. We stopped by for only ONE of his FOUR baseball tournaments today! They started at 8:00 am and he played until 8:00 pm! I needed a nap after watching one game. All you sports moms out there, my hats off to your hard work and dedication! One major note: I did teach my sister how to knit and I think we've gained a new "club" member. She really seemed to like it! Also, watching all those games, think of the knitting time!

Since we all have MONDAY knocking on our door, I figured we could all use a little laugh.

Anne Taintor, just when I thought you couldn't get any funnier...

We just received these new notepads: "It would, of course, have to look like an accident"

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And her newest magnet:

"She wanted to look good for the trial"

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