Al, thanks for the great weather!

Watching the Today Show is part of my morning routine. By the time I tune in all the "hard news" is over and it's full of nice, happy stuff like fashion and makeup tips, parenting, health, and sometimes even a concert. Before I head out for the day, I always wait for my man Al Roker to let me know if I need to grab a scarf or a sweater.

photo compliments

Al's coverage today informed me that almost the entire country is seasonable warm. No wonder our Yin Yang Bolero Kit has been so popular! You can wear it almost all year round! I love the clean lines and the combination of two yarn colors.

I mentioned a few days ago that I just taught my sister to knit. Guess why she wanted to learn to knit? Because her goal is to knit the Yin Yang Bolero! I just saw her on Saturday and she's made really good progress on her scarf. She'll be knitting that sweater in no time. I'll keep you posted.