Nelkin Designs Cambio Cap Knitting Kits

Hi, it's Suzanne with our Cool Tools and Kits segment. Today, I'm going to show you the Cambio Cap Knitting Kit. The Cambio Cap is a great little project that comes all-in-one. The kit comes with the holder, the pattern, and the yarn. Beautiful yarns! There are two different yarns: one is Freia (hand painted) yarn, and the other is a Merino yarn. Together, you make the Cambio Cap, which is a knitted project. It's knit in the round with a bi-color mosaic stitch.

The color that we have are Amaranth, Cloud, Flare, and Vertigo. It's a great kit because it's so versatile, small, and portable. We were just saying that you could probably stick your needles in here (in the tube). It requires a US size 2 and a US size 3 circular 16 inch needle as well as size US 3 double pointed needles. That could probably all fit in here and you could take it anywhere, so it could be portable. 

So again, it's the Cambio Cap Knitting Kit found on Like this video, subscribe to our You Tube Channel, and comment below.

Happy knitting!

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