Racing Stripes Knitalong: Day 2

Racing Stripes 2-Color Brioche Scarf Knit Along - Day 2

Racing Stripes 2-Color Brioche Scarf Knit Along - Day 2

Racing Stripes - We're Crossing The Finish Line!

Hello Brioche Knitters!  Yes that's right . . . you're Brioche Knitters now and you earned that title for sure!  Wasn't it fun?  Well, we're not done yet.

Today we'll be crossing that Finish Line by completing the 2 Color Bind-Off and blocking our little beauty. Let's get started!

2-Color Bind-Off

Here we are going to mirror the look of our cast-on. Its really easy and looks ooh so good.

Here's How:

  1. With the larger needle and Color A  -  Brk 1.
  2. K1 with Color B
  3. Pass Color A stitch over Color B (just like a standard bind-off) See Image 1 above.

Proceed across the row with BRK1, K1 (alternating colors and binding-off as you go) until 1 stitch remains. See Image 2 above.  Draw both strands through last stitch and  secure.

Knitters Tip:  As with the 2 Color Cast-On the braided 2-color appearance will not be apparent until you have bound-off several stitches.  Keep it loose for maximum impact and soon your bind-off will look like the image above.

Weaving In:  Now or Later?

Both are ok. I think it's a matter or personal preference.  No matter when you weave in, with Brioche it will be easy.

How It's Done

At The Selvedge Edge

We've joined your yarn at the ends, and it's an excellent spot to hide those yarn ends so go ahead and weave away. If you want to be extra secure, a small knot can hide very well in those selvedge stitches.

*In The Brioche Body

I'm going to illustrate how it is done with Color A.

Nancy Insert IMG Weave 1

  1. Thread a tapestry needle and sew into a yarn over of the same color as shown above (Weave 1).  This will catch the yarn end and set us up for...
  2. Carry the needle up in between the yarnovers (Weave 2).  Check to make sure it is not visible from the other side.  Clip yarn.
  3. See (Weave 3) . . . the weave is invisible!

Now flip Racing Stripes over and repeat as above this time working into the Color B yarnovers and in a downward direction.

Clever?  Yes?

* This technique was gathered from the book "Knitting Brioche - The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch" by Nancy Marchant which is a very detailed guide of not only Brioche basics, but advanced techniques as well.

Completed Racing Stripes Scarf in Soaking Bath before Blocking

Completed Racing Stripes Scarf in Soaking Bath before Blocking

Blocking Brioche:  The Final Lap of the Race

Here is where we get the chance to grow and shape our project.

Blocking flat brioche is very similar to standard wet blocking but because of the malleability of this type of project you will want to tweak the process a little. I recommend cutting back on the amount of time your project soaks.  We'll soak briefly and pay special attention to blotting the water out.

So let's go.

  1. Fill a basin with room temperature water,add a drop or 2 non-rinse wool wash and the project.
  2. Gently press down on the piece once or twice to release the air bubbles then let rest for about 10 minutes.
  3. Drain water. Lay the scarf on the center bottom edge of the towel, fold both sides over and roll like a jelly roll, pressing out the excess water gently as you roll.
  4. Support the project carefully and lay it on blocking boards or a dry fluffy towel, then shape as follows:

a. Center the piece evening out and pinning the first end to the desired width.

          b.  Gently pull piece to desired length, even out edge, match width to 1st end and pin.    

          c.   Pressing gently with your hand, even body to the selected width and pin in place.

          d   Let dry undisturbed for at least 24 hours.

Now Racing Stripes is ready to wear and admire!

CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done! We've learned the basics of 2-Color Brioche knitting. We've also mastered the BRK and BRP stitches which are the foundations of this technique. Now we'll be poised for success with more advanced projects and I'm going to show you 2 of my favorites .


More Brioche Projects to Try:

  • Wander Which Way looks way more complicated but isn't.  It's well written and contains the basics we've just learned.
  • Churros Scarf is exactly what we've just done but this design has an interesting color sequence swap. Easy and elegant!

So that's it. I hope you've enjoyed this KAL as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you!

Happy Knitting until our next KAL!

 - Donna, your friendly Knitting Doctor

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