How to Make Pompoms + 8 Ways to Decorate with Pompoms!

Add Pompoms to your Favorite Knitting Project!

Add Pompoms to your Favorite Knitting Project!

Recently while watching Blizzard Jonas, I was surprised not only by the amount of accumulating snow, but the avalanche of pompoms on almost every hat I saw bobbing along behind the snow drifts. They are fun and very easy to make to top off that cozy hat so it’s time to make a few.

How to Decorate with Pompoms

  1. On a hat
  2. Ends of a scarf
  3. Hang one on a purse or tote
  4. Create a string of pompoms to make a garland
  5. Attach to a keyring for keys you’ll never lose
  6. On a cabinet in place of a tassel
  7. Fun alternative to a bow when wrapping packages
  8. Attach to a length of i-cord and hang over a door or auto rear view mirror

Want to make some pompoms? Of course you do! Watch this how to make pompoms video.

Get supplies to make your pompoms!