Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Knitting Tip: Another way dental floss can help your knitting!

Today's knitting tip was submitted by a fellow knitter after reading about my last dental floss knitting tip. This helpful tip was submitted by Susan Walpert.

"Seeing Nancy's tip about using dental floss boxes as yarn cutters reminds me of tip I learned from Lily Chin (more on Lily, see below) when I took a knitting trip with her to China. She uses dental floss for her life lines, so perhaps we should always include a box of it in our bag of tricks for both purposes!" says Walpert.

What is a knitting lifeline? Learn how to make a knitting lifeline

Who is Lily Chin? Chin is one of the world's fastest crocheters and is a well known instructor, knitting and crochet designer, and author. Watch Lily Chin speed crochet

Happy knitting!


  1. Anonymous8/20/2013

    Thanks...a great tip!

  2. I understand that dental floss can damage your yarn. Remember dental floss is for your teeth only

  3. Anonymous8/21/2013

    I agree with Jerrie. I would NEVER dream of using dental floss as a lifeline. I did once and never again, since it can and does damage your yarn. Not only that if you have to rip back to it is difficult to get stitches back on needle due to wax. Is so much safer to use crochet thread.

    1. Considering that what she is using is the little cutter on the box and NOT the floss why would you not use it?? You can not take scissors on an airplane but you can take dental floss boxes and cut your yarn with them..

    2. They're talking about the use of dental floss as a lifelne. Not a wise move if you don't want your yarn cut.

  4. awesome tip and I will save the floss boxes from now on :D

  5. Anonymous8/21/2013

    Use unwaxed.

  6. Anonymous9/20/2013

    Should I be worried? I thought I was so smart and used unwaxed dental floss to sew on a tiny tooth, yes a tooth, to the back of a pair of "Monster Pants", now I'm worried that they will not stay on through the wash. I knitted that tooth, duplicate didn't work right, this just worked best! Oh well maybe he'll outgrow them before the tooth falls off. Thanks

  7. Anonymous3/29/2014

    I've used dental floss, both waxed and unwaxed in lace for years and never had a single problem with it. I make about 30-49 lace projects a year.