Saturday, June 30, 2012

Using Knitting Sock Kits

Kollage Sock Knit Kit
Knitting is a time honored tradition that has been around for centuries. Making something by hand will teach you patience and give you a sense of pride when the item is made. Knitting sock kits are the perfect way to guide you into the first steps of knitting socks. Knit socks are as fashionable as they are friendly for the environment. They are superb for a day of relaxing or for running a quick errand. They will be the cutest and most comfortable things you can own.

Knitting kits are a great way to get started in sock knitting. They provide the tools and instructions you need to make your own knit socks. The knit sock patterns will be easy to understand and will guide you step by step on creating your knit socks. Methods used for these instructions are easy to understand for beginners to experienced knitters. Everything you need to get started will be included in your kit. The time spent on creating your new socks will depend on experience level and time committed to the creation of them.

The most comfortable thing you can own is knit socks. They will provide warmth and cushion that regular socks do not have. The plush feel around your feet will make getting household chores done a breeze. Sock knitting is very Eco-friendly. You know where the socks came from because you were the one who made them by hand. With everything in the market being overly mass-produced, it is important to many people to have something unique that no one else has. Unless you make knit socks for others, you will proudly be able to say that no one else has the same socks that you do.

Another great option is to give knitting kits as a gift. This is a great project for people of all ages. A sock knitting kit will provide for hours of fun for anyone. This is a great gift for those who are experienced to people who have never picked up a knitting needle. Make the gift of handmade socks even more personalized by using the kit to make them for a friend or loved one. Knitting sock kits are truly personalized gift choices. Choose their favorite colors to be on your way to truly impressing someone with your new found knitting powers.

Wear your knit socks with pride. They can be worn at home or even out on the go. They make a wonderful fashion statement. The handmade movement is a big one. Having knit socks is the perfect conversation piece. The time and effort that goes into creating each pair will earn respect and interest of others. You can tell others how you used the perfect knit sock patterns to create works of knit art.

Making your own knit socks is a great accomplishment. Knitting kits are the easiest way to start your journey of making these cool, form-fitting creations. The perfect style and colors are completely up to you. Whether making them for yourself or someone you care about, they will definitely make a bold statement. Make them in your spare time to be on your way to wearing your knit socks all the time. Start creating your knit socks, feet everywhere will thank you.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Entrelac Knitting

Leslie Solomon Entrelac Capelet Pattern
Unknowingly, many have worked with entrelac knitting patterns without even realizing they have done so. Entrelac is a diamond textured technique that is often used in knit scarves patterns, often in combination with matching hat knitting patterns. The outcome bears a resemblance to strips in weaved baskets. Frequently it’s also been called birch-bark patterning or patchwork.

Entrelac is dissimilar from other types of textured knitting methods as it allocates for color work. The bringing into play of variegated yarns with lengthy color recurrences like in knit scarves patterns has become noteworthy, as it creates distinct diamond colored patterns.

If you are the type that enjoys altering knitted patterns by increasing or decreasing then entrelac knitting is definitely one pattern you should work with. Although entrelac is considered beyond the beginner’s technique, don’t let that dissuade you from using it in any of the hat knitting patterns you may be interested in. It has the distinction of being unique from other characteristic rounded knitting techniques, as after a completed round of diamond squares; you flip the yarn and form the next knitting row in the opposing direction.

The fundamental entrelac technique has numerous variants and regardless of which one you choose to work with your first time, when practicing - endeavor to create alternate tiers of block colors to highlight the basket weave appearance. For beginners this will also create identifying blocks and stitches of individual tiers easier.

The entrelac technique basically is not problematic; however, it's simple to go astray. It's practically predictable, that somewhere along the way, you will lose yourself and knit the mistaken shape such as switching triangle and rectangle. Proving that when doing entrelac knitting patterns, regular spot-checks are a must. At the end of each row, take the time to look over your work. If something is flawed, it will be noticeable and easily correctable. Most entrelac knitting errors characteristically appear as a three dimensional form.

While stockinette stitching permits easy identifiable viewing of both right and wrong sides, the same cannot be said when knitting with entrelac. The shrewd and insightful knitter avails themselves with a stitch marker in order to ascertain the right side.

Ample amount of entrelac undertakings reap the benefits from extensive color repeats, as they work amazingly well with all types of endeavors. When a knitter desires to modify and convert a pattern for their specific chosen yarn, all that is needed to be done is to formulate a knitted model square that will encompass a full color repeat. Once completed, the knitter can simply alter the entrelac design they are working with to correlate with their stitches. This is where the advantage of entrelac knitting shines. Knitted patterns are extremely effortless and fairly straightforward to customize by merely adding or subtracting repeated stitches.

On a final note, while working the primary stitch on all rows, you have the opportunity to slip and exchange the stitch for a neat-looking pick-up edge. If you do this, be prepared for lost elasticity.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Knitting Accessories from Lantern Moon

Lantern Moon creates beautiful hand crafted knitting accessories from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bali. Using the traditional skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, Lantern Moon combines them with natural materials to create a very unique product line. For more than 10 years this cooperative has been training and employing women and families in areas that would otherwise not have work. They create all the knitting accessories you can think of - project bags, silk knitting needle cases, whimsical stitch markers, notions bags, and yarn keepers.

Listed below are some of our newest arrivals from Lantern Moon. We love that their products are socially conscious, beautiful to have in your knitting collection, and lots of fun to use.

  1. Lantern Moon Baaaabs Sheep Scissors and Notions Holder
  2. Lantern Moon Maya Floral Small Project Bag
  3. Lantern Moon Sheep Stitch Markers
  4. Lantern Moon Silk Knitting Needle Cases
  5. Lantern Moon "Stitch Red" Heart Stitch Markers
  6. Lantern Moon Meadow Project Bag
  7. Lantern Moon Silk Fan Accessory Case
  8. Lantern Moon Mindy Combo Small Accessory Case
  9. Lantern Moon Knit Out Box Yarn Keeper
  10. Lantern Moon Clam Shell Set of 3-Nested Notions Cases
  11. Lantern Moon Flower Stitch Markers

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Have Fun With Fiesta Yarns

Fiesta Yarns La Boheme--Tiger Lily
Knitting and crocheting are some of the most relaxing and financially accessible pastimes that one can enjoy. Fiesta yarns offer a wealth of opportunity for various projects at economical prices. Some of their products have been popular for decades. The wide range of colors and textures Fiesta offers will meet anyone's needs at a variety of prices.

A unique benefit of knitting and crocheting is that the crafter may surpass their own expectations. Many people sell or give their handcrafted projects away as birthday and other special gifts that are often kept for many years. The quality of yarns used in the item play a large role in its useful life. Fiesta's yarns are high quality, long lasting, and should be used for handmade items that will look beautiful and last.

For a unique look on an upcoming project, choose hand dyed yarn. The color variations make the yarn more unique than standard colors, making the finished project look more special. In particular, the vibrant blues, purples, and greens of hand dyed yarn are very flattering and popular for projects such as scarves, shawls, and hats. The handcrafted item may earn the owner many compliments. It will maintain its color with proper care, sometimes outlasting mass-produced items in stores. When cleaning, wash the item in cold water to reduce/eliminate color transfer and lay the item flat to dry. This simple washing process is very useful with all colors and more importantly so for darker colors.

For a contrast of shine and matte, La Boheme yarn is the go-to choice. La Boheme is a versatile, hand dyed luxury yarn. Fiesta La Boheme yarn combines brushed kid mohair and rayon boucle for a visually appealing contrast. It can be used to make vests, scarves, hats, or sweaters and depending upon the type of item, it's possible to wear this yarn type year round. It is popular material used for sweaters, vests shawls, gloves, and hats for cold weather recreation due to its look, comfort in use, and texture. Depending on how compact the stitch is, it can be worn in warmer weather as a shawl, scarf, or hat.

For a modern twist on an upcoming project, try using crochet beads. Using some basic stitches, crochet beads can be made at various skill levels to add a special touch. A crochet bead necklace can be versatile, unique, and for the sensitive skinned, even hypoallergenic. The time it takes to make a crochet bead necklace typically decreases with the increasing number of necklaces made.

Another unique project is a crochet beaded bracelet. Using a variety of textures and colors, a crochet bead bracelet can be a good conversation starter or gift for all ages. Some people enjoy extra sparkle while others prefer unique beads. Making a crochet bead bracelet is a fast project to try when you need something new, quick, and creative. Using one's imagination, attractive and coveted looks can be created for a fraction of the price of that found in stores.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dinosaur Pals

Dinosaur Knitting Pattern
Many people, both women and men, have taken up knitting as a hobby in recent years. People knit for different reasons including making handmade gifts for family and friends. They like the thought of giving gifts that are more personal. There are patterns for knitters to use for various projects including a dinosaur knitting pattern. If someone has a dinosaur fan in their family these cute dinosaur pals would make a wonderful gift.

Kids of all ages love dinosaurs and finding knitting patterns to make one in a child's favorite colors would be an adorable gift. The patterns have detailed instructions that are easy to follow and understand. There are lots of pictures included with the instructions so a person can see, as well as read, how these cute dinosaurs are made. There are helpful hints along with the instructions including the tip on using thicker yarn for a bigger dinosaur. A person is able to make a family of dinosaurs in different sizes by using a different thickness of yarn on each one.

The color of yarn is up to the person knitting and any color combination can be used to make these striped dinosaur pals. As long as a person has 150 to 200 yards of the main color and 100 to 150 yards of yarn for the contrasting color they will be able to knit a dinosaur with these cute knitting patterns. If a person wants to get really creative, they can use a mixed color yarn with a plain color to have a unique and special pal. The needles needed when using these knitting patterns are just a set of double pointed needles. Another tip is to use smaller needles than the yarn states because the stuffing will not be visible.

Any child, young or old, would love to find a new friend sitting on their bed made using one of these cute knitting patterns. Girls and boys alike love dinosaurs and what better gifts than a new friend like a Brontosaurus or T-Rex. Once these adorable little stuffed toys are finished they have eyes and smiles on their faces to greet their new owners. These fun pals are washable—just follow the instructions on the yarn.

When someone is able to knit they are able to make so many different types of gifts for loved ones. When they use one of the dinosaur knitting patterns to create special pals for all the dinosaur fans in their lives, they will be spreading joy, happiness, and smiles.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Name That Sheep Contest!

Our favorite sheep figurine has a girlfriend, but she doesn't have a name! 

Enter for a chance to win your own Sidney's Girlfriend Figurine!

How to Enter: 
In the comments section of this post, simply post one "Name" you would like to give Sidney's Girlfriend. Be sure to include your name as well (so we can tell you if you've won!). 

One winner will be selected by the designer, Emily Barnard June 30th. The results will be posted here on our blog on July 1st, 2012. Don't forget to check back and see if you've won!

ONE "NAME" PER COMMENT - You may enter as many times as you'd like!

These adorable sheep are available to purchase, too! Shop Sidney Sheep and Sidney's Girlfriend (Available at NobleKnits exclusively)

Happy sheep naming!

This contest has ended. Click here to view the winning entry.

Monday, June 18, 2012

8 Cable Knitting Patterns You'll Love to Knit!

Why do I love cable knitting? 

Knitting for Beginners

Chic Knits Felted Bucket Hat Knitting Pattern
You can find all kinds of information on knitting for beginners online. For first timers knitting can be a little confusing. There are some excellent instructional videos and tutorials to help you take up the art of knitting and have you knitting like a pro in not time.

There are two main stitches that you will need to learn right away. They are the 'knit' and the 'purl'. Learning these two stitches will set you on the path to knitting like a professional. You will also need to learn to tie a slipknot, which is very easy. Then you will learn 'binding off' which is sometimes called 'casting off'. You will learn how to weave in ends and you'll become familiar with these new terms quickly.

Beginning knitters will first have to choose a project and gather their supplies. The basic starter supplies for beginners consists of-

(1). One ball of yarn (medium weight), wool, or acrylic.
(2). One pair of 10-inch knitting needles (bamboo, wood, or aluminum)
(3). One pair of good sharp scissors
(4). One crochet hook or blunt-ended yarn needle to weave your ends with.

Beginner knitting patterns are easy knitting patterns to follow and will give you good practice on the basics of beginner knitting. You will learn how to go shopping for your yarn and choose the right yarn for your specific projects. The patterns come with yarn type and color recommendations but you don't have to go by these suggestions.

When it comes to yarn weight it is the thickness of the yarn that determines this figure. Yarn weight ranges from super-fine up to super-bulky. The 'Craft Yarn Council of America' states there are 6 categories of yarn weight that ought to produce a fairly predictable amount of stitches when you use a specific size of needle. The higher the yarn number is then the heavier your yarn will be and the fewer stitches you will get per inch.

Starting off your beginner knitting with easy knitting patterns helps you to conquer basic technique as you progress in your early stages of attempting beginner-knitting patterns.

Some examples of easy knitting patterns for beginners would be a coaster or maybe a scarf. You will need to learn how to read patterns. They can be a bit confusing at first because most knitting patterns can only be deciphered by experienced knitters. Learning the terms involved in beginner knitting will help you to get started working on your first few projects and patterns.

The patterns you look at will always have a skill level listed after the picture and the name of the finished piece. This lets you know right off if this pattern is for you or not. Some will be labeled as 'advanced' and some 'intermediate' while others will say 'beginners'. Sometimes you might run into patterns that are rated from 1 to 4 with 1 being the easiest.

The beginner knitting patterns are what will get you on your way to progressing into the higher skill levels. Knitting for beginners has been crafted in a way that enables anyone with the desire to do so to get started easily and become very adept at a new exciting and creative craft.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What is Lace Knitting?

Lace Knitting - Fickle Knitter's Fluid Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern
Lace knitting is often daunting to new knitters. Let's find out, what is lace knitting? Simply put, lace the process of making holes in knitting. The most elementary style of lace knitting is using large needles to create open "lacy" stitches.
Lace knitted in its simplest form - An overall lacy stitched pattern
CocoKnits Weekend Wrap Knitting Pattern
How is Lace Knitting Made?
Using basic stitches knitting and purling and combining them with next level techniques such as "yarn over" and "knit 2 together" allow you to create interesting patterns. These techniques allow you to increase and decrease the number of stitches on the needle. Lace patterns can be simple and repetitious or more complex. 
An example of lace knitted at a bulky weight - Rustic Lace Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
Knit Lace at Any Gauge
Most people think the only type of lace is that found on intricate doilies using the finest gauge yarns -not true! Lace can be knitted at any gauge from lace weight to bulky weight yarns. It's amazing to see the difference between the finished results of both - but the knitting techniques used to create lace at any gauge is always the same. 

How are lace patterns written?
The scariest part knitting lace, for most people, are the patterns themselves. They look overwhelming at first glace. Lace patterns are either written or charted - often times designers include both written and charted instructions. That way you can choose which method that works best for you. If you take each row of instruction or line of the chart a bit at a time, lace knitting easy and fun to do.

How to Insure Perfect Lace Knitting
Until you get the hang of lace knitting, why not add a knitting lifeline? Lifelines are just a row of waste yarn strung through a previous row, so that if you to make a mistake, it won't involve hours of frustration. You'll be able to simply rip back to the lifeline and continue your project.
An example of Eyelet Lace - New Street Knitter's Bobble and Eyelet  Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern
Eyelets Are Lace, Too!
Putting a bit of lace in a knitting project is known as eyelets. They are holes found in a primarily overall knitted piece - usually laid out in an aesthetic stitch pattern.

Pretty on Both Sides
Even though lace knitting has a right and wrong side, lace always looks pretty on either side. That makes it ideal for knitting shawls, wraps, and scarves.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Pretty Ysolda Patterns You'll Love to Knit

Ysolda Teague creates knitting patterns that are sweet, pretty and have a certain sophistication at the same time. Her focus is relatively small projects - lots of hats, mitts, toys, shawls, and shrugs. The projects are simple, yet have enough detail to keep you completely interested. This Scottish designer and author (Whimsical Little Knits, Whimsical Little Knits 2, Little Red in the City, and Saturday Treat) has also been featured in Knitty and Twist Collective.

Here are 10 of our Favorite Ysolda Teague Knitting Patterns
  1. Estella Hat Knitting Pattern 
  2. Leisl Cardigan Knitting Pattern 
  3. Sophie Bunny Knitting Pattern 
  4. Peaks Island Hood Knitting Pattern
  5. Damson Shawl Knitting Pattern
  6. Rose Red Slouchy Beret Knitting Pattern
  7. Otto Polar Bear Knitting Pattern
  8. Veyla Fingerless Mitts Knitting Pattern
  9. Scroll Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern
  10. Ripley Slouchy Hat Knitting Pattern
Want to see even more Ysolda Patterns? Shop Ysolda Teague Knitting Patterns 

Gift Tags for Knitting

Knitterella Gift Tag- Just For You (in Blue & Orange)
Basics About Knitting

Knitting is a complex skill, using yarns made from cotton, wool and other materials. Many new and experienced knitters use this skill as a hobby, while making beautiful unique items. Other skilled knitters create handcrafted items to give as gifts for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions. Advanced skilled knitters make handcrafted objects to sell, at online stores or brick-and-mortar stores. Knitters use special knitting needles in various styles and sizes, to create knitted fabric. Using a pair of knitting needles, a craftsperson makes loops using the yarn. Special techniques allow an experience knitter, to create many different fabric designs.

Knitting Labels

After sections of knitted fabric are made, the sections are combined. The sections are combined to make useful items, which will have knitting tags attached. Labeling knitted items is important to consumers of knitted products. Using this technique, knitters can create clothing, blankets and other items. Handcrafted knitted clothing items include hats, sweaters, scarves, gloves and socks. Knitted handcrafted clothing can be made in various sizes and styles, which will require labels for knitting material content care. Knitters create unique handcrafted items for adults, teenagers, children, babies and pets. Knitted blankets are made in many sizes, and designs.

Knitting Gift Tags

Handcrafted knitted items are often given as gifts. The receiver of a unique knitted blanket or clothing item needs to know how to properly care for the item. In addition, knitting labels should have a way to identify the fabric content. Many people need to know fabric content, because of allergies and sensitivities. Knitters want knitting tags that are high quality. Knitting gift tags must look professional too, because many skilled knitters sell their handcrafted knitted objects. High quality knitting tags should have the universal care symbols. Universal symbols assist consumers and receivers of gifts, in knowing how to care for the handcrafted knitted item.

Various Types of Tags

Labels for knitting, should be decorative and fun. There should be a variety of artistic styles of tags available, for different occasions. Handcrafted knitted items are often given as gifts at baby showers, therefore knitters require baby theme knitting gift tags. These should have cute sayings and designs that represent babies. Labels for knitting are also needed for various holiday gift giving, in unique designs. Humorous tags can also be useful for labeling handcrafted knitted objects, and can be used for multiple gift giving occasions. Humorous labeling for handcrafted knitted items, works nicely for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other occasions.

10 Hip Hat Knitting Patterns You'll Love to Knit

Hip Hats!
10 Hat Patterns You'll Love to Knit 
If you haven't added hats to your knitting WIPs (Work In Progress) before, now is the perfect time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dino-Roar! Dangercrafts new dinosaur knitting patterns

Meet Basil the Brontosaurus and Terence the T-Rex! These dinosaur knitting pattern are the newest creations from designer, Rebecca Danger of Dangercrafts. Her patterns are fun to knit and and can be knitted using just a few balls of yarn. We love Rebecca's detailed knitting patterns with lots of photos and help through any tricky spots. Also, she encourages you to use whatever yarn you'd like - the thicker the yarn, the bigger the dinosaur.

These dinosaur knitting patterns are PDF downloadable for instant gratification!
Want to see more toy knitting patterns? Shop the entire collection of Dangercrafts Knitting Patterns

Happy Knitting!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Manos Serena Yarn - Perfect for Summer Knitting!

What to Knit with Manos Serena Yarn

5 Fabulous Summer Knits! All of these pretty and lightweight sweater knitting patterns feature Manos Serena yarn! Manos has combined the amazing softness of Alpaca and the breath-ability of pima cotton to create this lovely dk weight yarn.  

Projects featuring Manos Serena and featured above:

Happy knitting!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

12 Projects to Keep Your Needles Clacking this Summer!

Summer Knitting!
12 Projects to Keep Your Needles Clacking this Summer 
This collection summer projects are loaded with texture and style - lace, Fair Isle, and lots of interesting stitches.We love that they are an easy way to spruce up your wardrobe for the season. 
  1. Shibui Wrap Knitting Pattern featuring Shibui Baby Alpaca and Shibui Silk Cloud Yarn
  2. SweetGeorgia Lace Scarf Free Pattern using 1 skein SweetGeorgia CashSilk Lace Yarn
  3. Tanis Gray Pamplemousse Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern feauring ArtYarns Supermerino Yarn
  4. Knitbot Breezy Cardigan Knitting Pattern using Fibre Company Canopy Fingering Yarn
  5. Knitwhits Greensleeves Shrug Pattern featuring Freia Fibers Ombre Sport Yarn
  6. Tee For Two Knitting Pattern using Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Cotton Yarn
  7. Cocoknits Weekend Wrap Knitting Pattern using Shibui Linen Yarn
  8. Tree Knitter Pine Cone Wrap Knitting Pattern featuring Fiber Company Road to China Light Yarn
  9. Pink Coral and Coin Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern featuring 1 skein Baah! LaJolla Yarn
  10. Knitwhits Oceanside Beanie Knitting Pattern featuring 1 skein Freia Fibers Ombre Worsted Yarn
  11. Shibui Cardigan Knitting Pattern featuring Shibui Heichi and Shibui Silk Cloud Yarn
  12. Kashmina Cardigan Knitting Pattern featuring Manos del Uruguay Serena Yarn
Happy Knitting!

My Favorite Summertime Knitting Spots

It's Summertime - Perfect time to pick up your needles, yarn, and get your knit on! 
Places I love to knit in the summer:

  • The park
  • Swimming pool
  • Beach
  • With friends
  • At sporting events
  • Camping
  • In the car (not driving..)
  • On an airplane
  • At the movies
  • At home
  • On the patio
  • At the library
  • In doctor's waiting rooms
  • At a picnic
  • At outdoor concerts
  • In a cafe
Where is your favorite summertime knitting spot?

Mark Your Stitch For The Most Precise Knitting

Clover Ring Stitch Markers
Knitting has become a popular hobby among many people today. It offers a relaxing and productive way to spend your free time. Although knitting is challenging to master for many enthusiast, there are several ways you can improve your precision and efficiency. An increasingly popular tool being used by knitters today are stitch markers and knitting stitch counters. They provide an easy way to keep track of changing stitch locations and where to start new rounds. In addition to simple stitching markers, there are also several modern varieties of knitting stitch counters that provide benefits to both new and expert knitters.

These knitting tools are quite simple in design, but offer several practical uses. Patterns that are frequently used today will often require the use of markers to make your project much easier. It's very important to use an appropriate marker for knitting. Closed markers may be great for crochet projects, but the open nature of knitting benefits far more from the open variety of markers. This is due to the fact that these markers will need to be adjusted once they are reached in the row. Just like slipping a stitch, you will also need to slip the marker back and forth between your needles. This makes open markers both useful and versatile to any knitting hobbyist.

Stitch markers used today come in a variety of styles from plain rings to others that feature charms and locking abilities. These are considered to be a must have item by many serious knitting enthusiast. In addition to markers, several other beneficial tools can be used.. A knitting row counter is a great way to easily keep track of your rows. Some varieties of these counters come in a chain style that offer a no hands approach. Just like markers for stitching, a chained knitting row counter is also transferred between needles at the beginning of each row.

If you're looking for an even more versatile counting tool, then another popular accessory can offer both marking and stitch or row counting. Knitting stitch counters are available in several styles. Some of these counters hang from your needle while you work and let you dial in stitches or rows to keep track of them. They also come in several sizes to be used with different needles. Although this works for many knitters, there are also digital counters that provide the same versatility, but more easily with just the push of a button. Many of these counters can keep track of stitches while doubling as a knitting row counter as well. Digital tools like these can provide a universal solution for many knitting enthusiasts.

Knitting is becoming increasingly popular among all age groups in many different cultures. It's a hobby that offers challenge, versatility and the ability to create many items. Commonly made items like sweaters, scarves and wash cloths are well known. While beginning knitters are familiar with these items, there have also been advanced creations like full furniture upholstery, complex home decors and even jewelry produced by more experienced knitters. Whether you're a knitting enthusiast or a veteran expert, markers and counters are very beneficial to anyone who enjoys the wonderful hobby of knitting.

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Personal Touch of Knitting Shawls

Christel Seyfarth Bon Bon Shawl

In today’s fashion, shawls are considered to be a stylish accessory to any wardrobe, the typical wardrobe accessory of versatility.

A shawl is an item of clothing that drapes beautifully and is worn around the shoulders, upper body and arms. A shawl can be used in order to keep warm or to add to a formal look, like with an evening gown, or using a shawl to add a casual look to your wardrobe. The style of a shawl depends on its intended purpose.

Knitting shawls for the purpose of a formal event is usually made in a lacy type design, where as a shawl made for warmth can be a lot of styles such as a cable knit. With the yarn styles available today, there is a large variety of styles and looks available to make a shawl. Knowing the purpose of the shawl will also help determine the type of yarn and pattern you will want to use. Each knit pattern provides step by step instruction. There is five basic shapes to shawls, most patterns are based on the basic shawl designs, yet each knit shawl you make is unique.

Knitting a shawl will add a more personal touch to the accessory, whether it is made for you or as a gift, but the thought of it can be a bit intimidating. Knitting a shawl can be easy or difficult. Knitting patterns are labeled from easy to experienced skill levels and can be a basic pattern to something lacy. Shawl patterns are available in a large assortment of sizes and styles. Shawl patterns will also let you know the amount of yarn needed to complete the project as well as the needle size needed. Any weight of yarn works for knitting shawls, a heavy or bulky yarn works well for warmth or a cotton thread for a lacy or light weight shawl, as long as you always use the correct size needle. Don't let a lace pattern keep you from trying, they have easy to experienced patterns for knit lace as well.

If you are looking for a good summer project or just wanting to add experience to your skill, knitting a shawl is a good way for beginners; it takes time and a lot of repetition for perfecting stitches and gives a personal touch to your shawl. Wrap yourself or a loved one in one of your handmade, knitted shawls.