Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Ruffle Yarn: Plymouth Joy Rainbow

Plymouth Joy Rainbow is the newest ruffle yarn to hit the knitting world! This one has holes on one side of the ribbon and contrasting color tipped edges on the other side creating a pretty, colorful edge. One skein makes a fast, fun to create scarf (shown above). 

Plymouth Joy Rainbow Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

You will need: 

Approx. Finished Size: 3” x 48” 

Knitting Instructions: Spread open the mesh. Turn sideways so that the rainbow effect is at the bottom. Cast on 6 sts across the top edge using a size US 10 needle. Knit through the top edge openings - one opening for the first stitch of every row, then skip a track hole each time for the other stitches of the row. Knit every row.

The entire pattern is shown above, but you can also download a PDF version

Happy knitting!

Knitting accessory that has it all: Clover Knit Mate!

This is one of my favorite knitting accessory sets - the Clover Knit Mate! It comes with all of the knitting accessories a beginner knitter needs.
Watch this video review to find out more: 

Hi again, it's Nancy Queen from and I'm here to talk to you about the little kit that every new knitter needs. The Knit Mate from Clover - this little kit has all of the notions you are going to need to get started knitting. It comes nicely packaged in a little vinyl pouch with zip-top closure. I'm going to take everything out so you can see what's in here! 
First it comes with a flexible tape measure. It goes to 60" and has inches on one side, centimeters on the other. Perfect for measuring your gauge, the length of a sweater, cuffs, lots of things that you need to measure in knitting. 
It also comes with a set of locking stitch markers in two sizes.  
There are also two finishing needles - a Chibi gold needle and a regular finishing needle. What is nice about the Chibi Gold needle is that it's a little bit thicker so it's good for sweater yarn. It also has a bent tip that makes it easier to find your needle when sewing together bulky knits. All that comes in it's own little vinyl pouch as well. 
And then, we have double ended stitch holders. What's nice about these stitch holders is that you can slide the stitches on one end and slide them off on the other end. You get two of these double ended stitch holders in the kit. They are good for knitting socks, or when knitting shoulder seams together and you need to hold the stitches. 
There is also a needle gauge included in the set. So if you don't know what size your knitting needles are, you just insert your needle into the holes and the gauge on the side will tell you exactly what needle size it is - this is a great tool to have.
This is a stitch counter or row counter so you can keep track of your knitting rows. It goes up to 99 and there is a little wheel on each end so you can change the numbers. There's a hole in the center so you can slide it down to the end of your needle. When you've finished a row, you just turn the wheel to the next number and it helps keep track of your knitting so you'll never forget what row you are on.
And finally, there are two little sets of rubber point protectors. They are perfect for keeping your needle points from poking a hole in your knitting basket or bag. They are also good for keeping your stitches from slipping off your needles. There is a smaller size that is green and a larger size that's purple.
Again, it's the Clover Knit Mate knitting accessory set available at

Clover Knit Mate at NobleKnits
Happy knitting!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hat Knitting Kits

Hat Knitting         

Knitting is a fun and relaxing hobby that can also pose as a stepping stool for fashion forward people who enjoy setting trends. Knitting hat patterns are available to help people learn how to knit a particular style of hat. There are several different types of knitting kits to choose from. Each kit comes with a pattern and an instruction guide to make the knitting process a little easier. Depending on the quality, brand, and pattern, a hat knitting kit doesn't have to be expensive at all. Hat knitting has been around for a very long time, but still stands today as a popular hobby.

Knitted Hats for All

Knitted clothing reaches to a large demographic such as: men, women, children, and babies.  Knitted baby hats are small and easy to make. They serve as a great accessory for a boy or girl. There are many knitting kits that are inexpensive and adorable. Knitted baby hats are warm and safe for a baby's head. Babies, especially newborns, must stay bundled up and warm at all times. Using a hat knitting kit to make a baby hat is a great way to keep a baby's head and body temperature from going down.

Patterns & Cost

Knitting hat patterns are so popular because knitted hats are all the rage, especially with teenagers. Some kits are more expensive depending on the type of pattern that is made available. Each kit is different and no two hat patterns are the same. There are a variety of hat styles and sizes a knitter can knit. Some kits cost as low as ten dollars. Knitted hats can come in a variety of patterns and colors. Each kit is put together in a different and unique way. It is important to know exactly what the measurements of the knitted hat is going to be. Some people make the mistake of not measuring and end up with a small knitted hat that gets stretched out, or a hat that is too big to fit. The more expensive kits typically have an expert skill level of knitting however, not every knit kit is complicated or expensive. Knitting hats is fun and easy to learn even for those who are not as coordinated as others. Hats can be knitted for all different occasions and holidays. Having a knit kit is perfect for those special holidays. A knitted hat will keep a person warm all through the winter. A good knitting kit can help a person create a one of a kind look that will last for ages to come. Some knitting kits can cost up to 30 or more dollars just depending on the patterns and quality of the kit.


Knitting is no longer a hobby that is just for older ladies and grandmas. It has taken on a new persona and with a variety of kits available, knitting is made fun. Knitting can become a challenge, but over time and with practice, anyone could knit like an expert.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Easy Friendship Bracelets: Free Knitting Pattern

What better way to kick off this holiday weekend than with a free knitting pattern!
These Knitship Bracelets come compliments of our friends at Ewe Ewe Yarns. Just pick 4 colors of your favorite Wooly Worsted Washable yarn and knit up a bunch! 

Click here for the Knitship Bracelets Free Knitting Pattern

You will need:

Happy knitting!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yarns, Yarns, & More Yarns

Shibui Blanket Knitting Pattern
There are all types of yarn.  You can make all kinds of things; from hats to socks to baby blankets.  Women all over the world get something made of yarn at baby showers, wedding showers etc.  It brings a personal touch to any gift if it is homemade.  Not only is it used to make a gift however it is also very fun to use as well.  Each project that you take one may need a different type though. What is wonderful is that there is even hand dyed yarn! That can be very important especially if it is a specific gift; for example a baby blanket.

Baby yarn is designed for use of babies, or people with sensitive skin.  This is going to be much softer than normal.  That way is soft for the touch of the baby.  You wouldn’t want something scratchy on you newborn that is why most people who make baby blankets etc. use the baby yarn.

Sock yarn is primarily used in the making of socks, of course. Everyone loves to wear warm cozy socks in the winter.  It is great to have some nice homemade socks that you love during the cold days.  Sock yarn is normally light in weight and can be made in a number of different materials.  It is made with a mixture of fibers that allows the sock yard to be more durable and hold up. 

One of the most unique types is the hand dyed yarn.  This can come in a sock yarn or a baby yarn.  It is full of color and a lot of people like this because of how bright it can be.  Some people like to use this type for hats, scarves, and even gloves because of how many different types there can be hand dyed.

There are many types of yarn out there now days, and all of them are unique and wonderful.  One of the great things about having this many types of is that it allows your imagination make magic. You can let your creation run wild and make all kinds of wonderful things.  Whether you are wanting to make a wonderful scarf, hat and glove set to match your favorite jacket or if you are making a baby blanket and beanie for your new niece on the way.  There will be a great variety with different colors and textures just for you to help make your craft! 

Sig'nits Charms for Knitters!

Hi again! It's Nancy Queen from NobleKnits and today I'm here to talk to you about the Sig'nits charms. They are a way to put your signature on your knitting with these adorable little charms. Each kit comes with a set of 6 hand cast pewter charms and a crochet hook to attach them. Sig'nits are gift boxed so it's really nice to give as a gift to your favorite knitter. Each set is different and we have so many to choose from! This is a set of little sheep and they are really cute. In fact, I'll take them out of the box so you can see how cute these sheep are. We have so many you can choose from: here's a set of mice and there's a pig that's really cute. They even come in sets that just have sayings, this set just says "peace" on it. It's a great way to let people know that you made the finished product or sweater. You can put a charm on the sleeve or on the bottom hem.
Here's a set of Sig'nits skulls for the rebels out there. There's even a holiday set that has a package, a snowman, a snowflake - some really cute designs. Check them out, we have them all available on our website,

Which Sig'nits are you?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Get Interested in Knitting

Beginner Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Knitting is an enjoyable inexpensive hobby, a wonderful way to make gifts for family and friends, and easy to do. With easy knitting patterns available in craft or department stores or on the Internet, a first project may turn out to be one that is valued for years. Beginner knitting patterns will include all the instructions on how to cast on, how to knit various stitches and how to make a scarf or afghan. Beginner scarf knitting patterns are available in a variety of pattern, sizes and colors. They make great gifts for those who live in the colder parts of the country.

When first learning how to knit, purchase a beginners guide to knitting. You must learn to recognize knitting abbreviations so a pattern can be followed. Purchase knitting needles that are called for in the instructions; they will probably be size 8 or ten. Yarn is sold in craft stores and department stores and comes in a variety of thicknesses and fibers. Three ounce skeins are the most common and instructions will call for the amount needed for the first project. Beginners may want to choose an easy project, one that is straight knitting with no increasing or decreasing. This is why scarves are popular for the beginner. Beginner hat knitting patterns may be best for a second project. A hat may require decreasing which is a little more advanced and requires a bit of practice.

One of the first steps in beginner knitting patterns is casting on. Beginner's instructions will give directions on how to knit. They will tell exactly how much yarn is needed, what size needles are required, the size of the finished item, what type of yarn is needed, and the type of stitch that the pattern calls for. It is best to work on a practice piece before starting a larger project. Practice different stitches, practice increasing and decreasing, and practice casting off. This gives the beginner a chance to learn different types of stitches. It is exciting to learn a variety of stitches with a variety of colors.

A more advanced knitter may choose to use circular knitting needles. Circular needles are used for hats, mittens, slippers, socks and a variety of other items. Using circular needles eliminates the need for sewing seams. A hat made with straight knitting needles will have to be sewn together with a craft needle which has a hole large enough to thread the yarn. Have a pair of scissors and a crochet on hand so that loose ends can be tucked in when the project is complete. Mistakes are easily made and everyone, even an experienced knitter, makes them from time to time. When this happens a row may have to be ripped out. It takes patience and practice to fix a mistake. If it is ignored, the finished project may have a hole in it or the edges may not be straight. Easy knitting patterns will tell the beginner exactly how to fix a mistake. When looking at beginner scarf knitting patterns and beginner hat knitting patterns, be sure the instructions are easy to follow.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Easy Tips To Pick The Best Plymouth Yarn

Knit Jacket Pattern For Women By Plymouth Yarn

Selecting the best yarn to knit with can be a bit of a challenge. While those who have been knitting for quite some time know how to pick the best yarn for knitting, others find this difficult simply because there is a lot of choice available in yarns and choosing one can be tricky. Knitting is a fun activity to take up but having the wrong equipment can make knitting tiresome. To enjoy your knitting, choose the best Plymouth Yarn and use the following expert tips to find great Plymouth yarn knitting patterns and Plymouth Yarn needles!

How to find the best Plymouth Yarn: Whether the project requires knitting, crocheting or crafting, knitting with the best yarn allows for better drape and spun and helps create quality products. Yarn comes in many shapes, varieties and sizes and to select, start with assessing the weight of the yarn. Weight or the thickness of the yarn falls into 6 main categories which start with super fine and go up to super thick! For knitting baby wear and other lighter items like baby mittens or socks opt for superfine or fine yarn. These two types are perfect for baby wear projects. While this definitely cannot be a first project, as knitting with superfine yarn requires a bit of practice, it can definitely make for a great third or fourth project to pick. Fine yarn is also used for the same projects but is just slightly thicker. The next yarn is slightly heavier than superfine and fine, and is usually called lightweight yarn. Pick this one for knitting light throws or sweaters, great for places that do not experience too much of a cold spell. The next one is known as worsted yarn or medium weight yarn and this one’s definitely the most popular. Seen most commonly knitted into purses, dolls and cushions, this one’s quite ideal for knitting warmer wear. The second to last type of yarn is called the bulky yarn and is good for knitting heavy sweaters, thick scarves, sweaters and rugs. This yarn is definitely a favorite in colder regions. The bulkiest yarn is the last in the six categories and is also known as super bulky. This yarn is found most commonly in knitted baby blankets and thicker winter wear.

Remember to ask the sales staff for help and once Plymouth yarn knitting patterns have been selected, search the instructions for difficulty level and suggestions for yarn. Since yarn is made up of all kinds of fibers, ranging from wool to cotton to acrylic, find the yarn that will best suit a particular type of knitting project. While some knitters love wool and others prefer cotton. So, for a first project choose two popular wool types and see which one feels most comfortable. Ask the sales staff questions if need be, since most employees working at specialist yarn stores know what to use for which project. Ask questions like, will the yarn pill or stretch? Is this an easy yarn to knit with? Is it colorfast? Is it the same yarn mentioned on the pattern chosen? What size Plymouth yarn needles will it work best with? Using this guide, shop for the best yarn and have fun!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Making Beautiful Knits

Kollage Spice Lace Collection Pattern

There is nothing more lovely than a beautiful hand knitted sweater. Equally interesting are mittens, scarves and lots of other things that the individual can make as part of their knitting collections. Many of these items can be knitted and lovely with different colors of yarn to make gorgeous garments in colors, and shapes that can be quite cozy for the wearer, and enjoyable for the knitter to create. They will have made something very special for the recipient or themselves. Some of the lovely type of yarns that are available are Kollage Yarns. This is yarn that is the highest quality yarn available. They are luxury colorful yarns.

Kollage has unique yarn that is one of a kind. They also have great patterns that are available for the user. Kollage yarns knitting patterns are some of the most interesting patterns that are sold. It will allow you to make beautiful knits. Kollage also has several free patterns available for users. Kollage Yarns knitting patterns can be vests, afghans, socks, block patterns and of course sweaters and knitted tops. Kollage has the unique distinction of having square needles to make the unique knits that are so popular. Take a look at the Noble knits website to see all of the unique creations they have available.

Kollage yarns are beautiful and luxiourus. Their milk white yarn contains real milk in the product. They also have a variety of other unique colors such as sea green, canopy and batik. Truly, almost any color you could possibly want is available in these luxury yarns.

They can make amazing garments, with truly opulent yarn colors. They have quality yarn products in a number of beautiful shades. One can make beautiful cable knits with Kollage Yarns. There are a number of free knit patterns available as well as, easy to make patterns for just about any knitting project you wish to make. Baby hats, sweaters, booties, and afghans of all sizes are available. The Kollage Yarns knitting patterns and yarns include free shipping, so individuals can find the projects they are looking for and will not have to search for the patterns any longer.

Noble Knits sells all sorts of knitting accessories. Everything is available for the novice and professional knitter and everything in between. They have needle protectors, beginners patterns, stitch counters and everything that the amateur or professional knitter would need. Take a look at the Kollage products and pick a yarn, order a pattern. and get started knitting today.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crochet Fun

Crochet Scarf Pattern
People that have never crocheted before may not know this, but crocheting can be a lot of fun. Lots of people know about crochet patterns for blankets. Few people realize that there are many different kinds of patterns for other smaller items.

A blanket can start out as a cool task, but it can become a larger than life item to complete. This can take all of the fun out of it. This is why it is easier to introduce people to crochet patterns for hats. This is something unique and interesting, but it doesn't take as much time as a blanket.

Crochet patterns for scarves are also very popular. One of the most popular ones is the Afghan scarf. The Catherine Wheel Switch and Slanted Shell are also popular crochet patterns for scarves. There are many videos that show individuals exactly how to get started with the different design types. This can become a wonderful pastime that is shared among friends or family members. It is a really cool way for grandparents to interact with their grandchildren.

There are also many popular crochet patterns for shawls. The prayer shawls have become popular during the height of the recession. These shawls make such great gifts. This is why lots of people have taken up this lost art. People are finding it easier to make gifts that have a lot more meaning.

It definitely is a lost art in the wake of social media and mobile devices like smart phones and tablet PCs. Lots of people do not have the patience to follow crochet patterns for shawls. It is not as big as a blanket, but shawls are definitely bigger than hats and scarves. It requires a little more dedication to follow than the shorter crochet patterns for hats. Not everyone has this kind of patience, but the individuals that do will delight in their completed work.

Some people actually going into the business of hand switched items. This can be a very lucrative field if a person has the time to commit to it. This may, however, take the fun out of it so some people keep it simple. There are some people that simply want to do this in their downtime. This takes away the demand behind it and gives it an element of fun.

There are some small classes that actually teach you how to crochet. Other people may look online for tutorials on how this is done. The Internet is also a great place to find different styles as well. A simple search for videos on the subject can provide an assortment of options to choose from.

Surprisingly, some people don't follow any of the traditional patterns. There are some people that like to make up their very own pattern and see how things turn out. It can be fun to follow your own mark. It doesn't have to be a perfect product as long as you have fun doing it. This is all that really matters in the end.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

What you'll love about Shibui Staccato Yarn

Hi, It's Nancy Queen from and I'm here to talk to you today about a gorgeous hand dyed yarn. This is Shibui Staccato Yarn. It comes in amazing colors. This is their print version that I am showing you today. The colors are absolutely exquisite, the yarn is amazingly soft - they really provide us with a gorgeous luxury yarn to knit. Staccato is a 65% Merino, 30% Silk, and 5% Nylon - which provides a wonderful hand and drape.
It's great for knitting shawls and scarves (and don't forget socks!). This fingering weight yarn knits up at 30 stitches per inch on a size US 2 needle. You get 191 yards per 50 gram ball.
This yarn (color) is called Summer Camp, the next one is called Jackie - for Jackie Onasis - very elegant. It's kind of a 60s inspired line. This next color is called Beach Ball and this one is Poodle Skirt!
They are some really fun yarns - again this is ShibuiKnits Staccato Print Yarn available at

Happy knitting!

by Nancy Queen

Friday, May 04, 2012

An Amazing Twist To Knitting!

Chic Knits Mondo Cabled Slouchy Hat Pattern

For new or even experienced knitters, cable knitting can be somewhat intimidating. Since cable knitting patterns can produce beautiful and complex results, many knitters believe that it is beyond their abilities. However, cable knitting is actually far easier than it looks. The idea behind cable knitting patterns is to swap the order that stitches are knit in.

There are a variety of ways to achieve this, but the most common is to use a cable needle or a spare double sided knitting needle to hold the moving stitches on. In other words, if someone wanted to do a simple two by two cable, they would knit until they reached the four stitches to be cabled. Once there, they would take the first two stitches and instead of knitting them, they would put them on a cable needle or DPN and hold them in front of or behind their work. Next, they would knit the next two stitches and then put the original stitches back on the main knitting needles and knit them as normal.

Cable stitches are usually - but not always - knitted, and to provide contrast they are normally knitted on a purl or garter stitch background, rather than stockinette. There are a wide variety of uses for cable stitches, including cable knit scarf patterns, cable knit sweater patterns and cable knit hat patterns, just to name a few. Cable patterns can be as simple as switching a few stitches back and forth to create a small filigree that runs along a piece or as complicated as creating trellis patterns that look like climbing vines.

One of the best ways for someone to get used to knitting with cables is to follow cable knit scarf patterns. These patterns usually create durable scarves that are excellent for keeping warm in the winter. Since patterns are repeated over and over again along the length of the scarf, knitters can get into the rhythm of moving stitches around each other. Additionally, unlike lace, errors in cabling appear within a few rows, so it is easy to rip back and repair a row with a scarf.

Once someone has started to feel comfortable with cabling, they can move on to cable knit hat patterns. Since most hats are done in the round, it can be slightly more complicated to repair errors; however, since hats are small, they are much faster to complete than scarves. Additionally, it can sometimes be easier to keep track of a hat pattern since the knitter is always facing the front of their work.

Finally, cabling experts can try their hand at Aran cable knit sweater patterns. Aran sweaters are made up of complicated sets of cabling patterns knit throughout a sweater. Keeping track of all of the twists and turns can be a chore, but the final result looks like art made of yarn.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Try Something New

Entrealc Capelet Pattern

Wanting to try something new? Needing a fun way to pass the time? Feeling crafty? If you are bored with your usual hobbies, try knitting. Whether you have never knitted before in your life, or you are an expert, knitting can provide endless possibilities for entertainment. Knitting has been scientifically shown to ease stress and pain. Whether knitting for yourself, or making items for charity, knitting by itself has been shown to be therapeutic.

Similar looking to the “argyle” design, Entrelac knitting patterns in clothing and fabrics are considered to have provided some of the most attractive and fashionable accessories. Knitting itself has origins that date back to ancient Indian, Persian, and many Chinese cultures. These ancient cultures often believed that the knitting skill displayed wealth, status, and eased tension and stress. Furthermore, knitting clothing was considered an essential skill for making the necessary garments, until the invention of the knitting machine. The invention of the knitting machine made knitting a leisure activity. Nevertheless, knitting can be a time consuming, fun activity, one that can also provide an eclectic wardrobe of socks, hats, scarves, and sweaters. In general, it is a fairly easy knitting technique to pick up, even for novice knitters.

This type of knitting entails starting with the knitted triangular base. Entrelac knitting patterns can vary in size, design, and color in order to suit the knitters liking, but the triangles usually consist of four or six interlocking stitches. While diamonds are generally six to 10 interlocking stitches. Afterwards the patterns reflect a diamond checkerboard pattern, created by picking up the loops in the top of the stitches and side and then working through them with the knitting needle and former stitches in order to bind them together. The top left corners are generally triangular in shape as well. With a quick Google search, one can find a variety of beginner to advanced videos on how to start or advance your entrelac knitting.

Entrelac knitting can be made with one colored strand of yarn or intertwined with various colors creating unique and colorful constructions. Although it looks like continuous strips of fabric interwoven together, with entrelac knitting each diamond and block of the design is individually knitted.

Incorporating the entrelac design into your knitting can be a fun, inexpensive, and innovative way to shake up your routine and the patterns in your closet. The entrelac design will definitely add flare to your wardrobe. Knitting is a fun hobby and a great way to feel in control of a project.