Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Beauty And Quality Of Plymouth Yarn

Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern by Plymouth

Plymouth Yarn is a family owned business with over 45 years of experience working in the yarn selling industry. With a collection of over 100 different yarns of various colors and textures, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for. They offer high quality, beautiful, strong, colorful, and versatile yarns. Once you try one of these yarns, you'll be astounded by the superb quality of the products made by them.

You can also see that they provide Plymouth knitting patterns. With 1500+ different patterns, you're assured that uniqueness and originality is right at your fingertips. Treat yourself to the variety of Plymouth knitting patterns they have to offer. Receive inspiration from their many patterns and create your own art work.

It's not just all about the looks. Plymouth yarn is visually appealing, but also comfortable to wear and use. Plymouth alpaca yarn is really made from real alpacas. Alpacas produce yarn that is soft, durable, silky natural fiber, warm, and contains no lanolin. This makes it hypoallergenic. They offer 12 different kinds of Plymouth alpaca yarn.

Recently, they've launched their spring yarn collection. You'll find great quality yarns. Such as the Champagne, this is made up of 75% pure new extra fine merino SW wool and 25% mulberry silk. The gauge is 6.5 Sts and its length is 180 yards weighing up to 50g per ball. It's very comfortable and perfect for the season. If you love to look trendy, this type is for you along with various other yarns. Of course, you'll want to stock up before the season is over.

You'll also find outstanding, gorgeous, and strong needles, shawl pins, and buttons. A personal favorite is the rosewood interchangeable set. You'll receive 9 pairs of rosewood needle tips ranging from sizes 4-11. It's portable and comes with a cute little case to organize and carry your needles. Another product to look at is the rosewood etched circle shawl pin which is carved beautifully and elegantly.

Whether you're a hobbyist, enthusiast or a professional, you'll find all your yarn needs met with exceptional customer service. The service is friendly, fast and the pricing is fair. Actually, you'll definitely get the bang for your buck for the yarns you'll receive from them. They have years of experience that without a doubt they know what they're talking about when it comes to yarns. So, take your time and have fun shopping for yarns at Plymouth Yarn.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Lace Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

Springtime is my favorite time of year in Philadelphia! Everything is green and the flowers are blooming. 
I'm guessing our friends over at Kelbourne Woolens feel the same way, with their ode to springtime knitting pattern - Sprintime Bandit Triangular Scarf!
This pretty lace scarf has a vintage feel, modern styling and features luxurious Fibre Company Terra yarn.

You will need:

Happy knitting!

by Nancy Queen

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Knitting The Perfect Scarf

Helen Hamann Corkscrew Scarf
In a world full of ready-to-wear clothes and mechanical conveniences galore, knitting has become a much-coveted but lost art, which used to be fairly common in every household throughout the country. What used to be a skill passed down from mother to daughter has now become a specialized hobby for the few people who still have the patience and dexterity to try out a now-inconvenient and time-consuming way for making clothing.

There is a sentiment in knitting that has an altogether personal touch, and for those individuals who’d like to try their hand at knitting, there are many scarf knitting kits that can guide you through the process. Small projects that act as an introduction to the art of knitting, such as making the perfect knitted scarf, can be accomplished with the help of scarf knitting kits, and a whole lot of patience and time.

While it may be difficult to get started on knitting, affordable scarf knitting kits provide all the necessary assistance one needs to create basic scarf knitting patterns and designs, which can later improve with practice and application. Simple scarf knitting patterns can include everything from borders, waves, or even simple shapes, which can be incorporated into the overall knitting to create a variety of different effects and personalized aesthetics.

Scarf knitting patterns really aren’t as difficult as they seem, and a little patience goes a long way in knitting the perfect scarf. Every lesson gleaned from these knitting kits, which you can buy from craft stores or bookstores, contain all the information you need to create simple scarf knitting patterns that. Once mastered, patterns can be incorporated into larger and more noteworthy projects, such as sweaters, caps, and everything else one can conceive with the imagination.

When starting out, incorporating even the simplest scarf knitting patterns can prove to be a challenging task. One is bound to make a few mistakes or even to fail in the attempt. So, it is always prudent to start out small until your skills have significantly improved, prior to attempting to make the perfect knitted scarf for your loved one. The use of simple scarf knitting patters to catch the eye often make up for uneven weaving and other errors, which newbies tend to make. It is only with perseverance that one can develop the skills enough to master the art of knitting, but it takes true skill learned over time to actually knit with an incomparable flourish.

Knitting can be a project that can be enjoyed in one’s idle time, or it can be a full-time occupation that is both worthwhile and generous, as people are willing to pay a decent amount of money for hand-knitted items. With enough time and constant honing of one’s skills, the perfect knitted scarf, can soon be just a little yarn away – and with it opens a huge window of possibilities of endless personalized gifts and intimate tokens of love, affection, and gratitude as only knitting can provide.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quick & Easy Magic Ball Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

In the midst of several larger projects that I have going, I picked up a ball of Be Sweet's Magic Ball yarn. With less than two hours of some very satisfying TV knitting, I now have a very pretty cowl.

Monday, April 23, 2012

5 New Reasons to Love Ruffle Yarns!

Our favorite ruffle yarn, Rozetti Marina now is available in five new shades! This yarn opens up to a wide lacy ribbon. The ruffles are created when you knit into the yarn. Each ball comes with an easy free scarf pattern right on the label. 

New colors of Rozetti Marina, shown top, left to right: Oasis, Holiday, All American, Luna Moth, and Carousel. Shop Rozetti Marina Yarns

Which new Marina color is your favorite?

by Nancy Queen

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creative Shawls and Your Personality

One Skein Shawl Knitting Pattern
The perfect accessory to your evening wear is neither complex nor chaotic. It is simple. All you need is a shawl because it is elegant. When the wind blows through your shawl, it whispers compliments into your ear. A shawl can reveal your inner beauty because it brings out your modesty. Your shawl can be silky; it can be soft; it can be warm. Your shawl can say something personal about you.

A shawl knitting pattern will help you create the shawl that you have always wanted. You can create an easy shawl knitting pattern from another decade that shows off how retro you are or weave your favorite memory in. No fuss is required because all you will probably need is your choice of yard, thread, or any other add-on. An easy shawl knitting pattern is rectangular and does not have many rows. You can customize it by adding beads or any other accessory you want. Your personality will reflect through the colors you choose and the shape that your shawl turns out to be.

An interesting shawl knitting pattern will have a lot of variation. Unlike other ornaments of clothing, the complexity in some of these shawl designs will still have aura of elegance about them. Some beautiful shawls to knit have patterns of nature. These include leaves, clouds, and flowers. There are also a creative bunch that will have shawls to knit based on wildlife or even cartoon characters.

Some people get lost in their creativity and come up with outrageous patterns. But, that is okay! In fact, some of the best shawls are the most original. If you are not sure where to start with your shawl knitting pattern, you let your mind create patterns freely. You should not doubt yourself, because your conscience may reveal a pattern that you will want to flaunt or wrap around your shoulders for years to come.

For those who are not adept with knitting, you can create your shawl by finding patches that you can iron on with a plain cloth. It is also easy to stencil your pattern. You should begin stenciling with a pencil and an eraser because it will leave less visible marks if there are any mistakes. A permanent marker or pen is not recommended because there is a high possibility that the cloth is damaged and in need of repair. After stenciling, there are people who also enjoy using paint to create different types of patterns.

To create a shawl that you are happy with, you should take the measurements of the person that you are making it for beforehand. Do not fret if the shawl is too small. You can easily sew it onto another piece of cloth to make it an artistic masterpiece. If the shawl that you make is something that you are not happy with in the end, you may also cut up the pieces of cloth to make another pattern. If none of these appeal to you, you can always buy a large cloth and measure it to your size and wrap it around you. The possibilities are endless!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Knitting For Beginners

Dull Roar Dilih Wrap Beginner Knitting Pattern
Beginner knitting patterns allow those who are new to knitting the chance to practice the two most basic stitches, the knit stitch and the purl stitch, as well as casting on and binding off. Often, even easy knitting patterns are written in a knitting code, so beginners also need to learn to read the basic abbreviations, such as cast on (CO), knit (K) and purl (P) and repeat (*). Full lists of all the abbreviations used in knitting are widely available online.

Beginner knitting patterns should be listed under a skill level of easy or novice. It is important to choose one of these when starting, as the more complex patterns can consist of large variety of stitches that beginners to knitting will find them overwhelming. It is important to spend time developing basic skills, and practicing the casting on, knitting the basic stitches, and finishing work, either through weaving in ends, block knitting or sewing up seams.

It is equally important to choose a yarn that is suitable for the project, not just one that immediately stands out as being attractive. Each yarn will be assigned a weight number between 0 and 6; easy knitting patterns will usually require a 3 or 4. The yarn should be thick but not overly so, as this can cause the work to unravel when the knitter is correcting mistakes that need the stitches to be removed. In addition, fluffy or frizzy yarn is hard to work with while knitting with smooth yarn allows the user to easily see the stitches.

Another consideration for beginners should be the knitting needles. Ideally, beginners should use ones between size 6 and 9 as needles that are either too thick or too thin can feel uncomfortable. While wooden needles are the best, as they prevent the yarn from slipping off the needle, they can sometimes be difficult to obtain. For this reason, many beginners opt for plastic knitting needles.

Beginner knitters may have heard that either throwing or picking yarn is the better method. The only difference between the two techniques are that throwing involves the yarn being held in the right hand while picking has the yarn held in the left.

The first project a beginner should attempt needs be an easy knitting pattern that forms something small, square and flat, and does not require shaping. Beginner scarf knitting patterns are ideal, with some involving only knowledge of the knit stitch for those who want to just practice one stitch before moving on to a project that includes the purl stitch. There are a variety of free beginner scarf knitting patterns online including simple and ribbed designs.

After trying scarfs, the knitter may like to move on to beginner hat knitting patterns. There are a huge variety of free beginner hat knitting patterns online to choose between, suitable for wearers of different ages, and for different occasions. These patterns are only slightly more complicated and still suitable for beginners as a later project.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tipsy Tuesday: Give Yourself a Knitting Life Line!

Did you ever knit a stitch pattern that was a bit daunting? Hate finding mistakes in your knitting? Do you often knit happily along until you look over your knitting only to find a dropped stitch several rows back?

Give yourself a knitting life line!

What is a life line? 
A life line in knitting is a strand of yarn threaded through your knitting so that if you mess up, you can easily rip back to that row and put your stitches back on the needle. 

The process reminds me of the system restore on a PC. If you've ever installed something on your computer and it made it run a little wonky, rather than uninstalling it, you just take it back to the date just before you installed the faulty program. So in the case of your knitting, you don't have to painstakingly un-knit rows and rows, nor do you have to rip back wildly hoping that you'll be able to pick up every stitch without dropping more. You'll rip back to the lifeline, then be able to easily pick up an entire row without having to worry about any dropped stitches.

We found this really great video on "how to use a life line in knitting," by The Knit Witch. 

So add a life line and knit with reckless abandon!
That's your Tipsy Tuesday quick knitting tip - Happy knitting!

by Nancy Queen

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Knitting Something Wonderful For A Loved One

Men's Pullover Knitting Pattern
Knitting is an excellent hobby for those new to this craft and for those people who have knitted for several years of their life. There are many different paths that a knitter can take but if you are just starting out going to a class or picking up a knitting book would be the best option for them. When you are knitting if you do not know exactly what item you want to make or how it should look like using knitting patterns would help a knitter to make the correct item.

Knitting patterns can come in various sizes and designs. By finding the right knitting pattern for a project, the knitter would be able to make sure that every stitch that they create is the right one that they needed to use. By finding the right pattern a knitter would be able to expand upon a pattern and make it unique to them and for what they need it for.

One type of pattern that a knitter might be interested in includes sweater knitting patterns. Sweater knitting patterns are perfect for creating a new sweater for just the knitter or make it personal by making one for a friend or for a loved one. By choosing the type of style of sweater a knitter would want to knit they would want to look for the sweater knitting patterns that match it the best. Knitting sweaters can be more difficult then some of the other knitted items so by making sure to follow the instructions a knitter will have the best chance of knitting it correctly.

Another great item that knitters love to create is the scarf. There are many variations on the scarf that a knitter would be able to find so finding the perfect one for them should not be an issue. When looking for scarf knitting patterns a knitter would want to choose one that suits their level of knitting skills and the available yarn that they have. If a knitter does not want to purchase more yarn, then finding a pattern that only needs that much or less would work best for them.

When finding scarf knitting patterns a knitter will find that each store, including online ones, carry different patterns. When finding the best scarf knitting patterns they would want to look for ones that match their budget and the look that the knitter is looking for. A great idea to go with a scarf is a hat.

Hat knitting patterns are easier for a beginner knitter to knit correctly. A cute little hat would go perfectly with a knitted scarf. When finding hat knitting patterns a knitter would want to make sure that they not only find the right design but they would also want to make sure that the hat that they want to knit is wearable.

Alpaca yarn is preferred by knitter for hats and the scarf because it is a lighter but warmer fabric. Alpaca yarn works great for warmer items and for those people that knit. Along with being on the warmer side, alpaca yarn is soft and will work best for any item that touches a sensitive area of the body such as the skin.

Knitting can be both an excellent hobby as well as a past time during a particular period of time. Knitting can be used to create special items for loved ones, including the baby, that will be remembered over time. By knitting an item for someone else it shows them that you have taken the time to think about them and give them a very creative gift.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Something Special

Art Yarns Supermerino Hand Dyed Yarn

Anyone can go into a store and buy a ready made gift for another. It is when an individual is someone that matters a great deal that warrants having a personalized gift; maybe even a one of a kind for them. That is when the 'Art of Knitting' is appreciated because there are so many ways to personalize the knitted item uniquely.

If a specific color is needing to be purchased, knitting yarn can be found in any color in the rainbow and can be chosen in any hue of the colors. That is because the hand dyed yarn allows the manufacturers to dye the yarns to be lighter or darker. If you need to decide just exactly what you would like to knit, there are knitting patterns available for lots of various items. The knitting patterns will suggest the best knit yarn fiber to be used to knit the item. The hand dyed yarn makes it possible to mix colors on the thread to make a multicolored knitted item.

Then depending on the store you visit to make your knitting yarn purchase, there will be a big variety to choose from. Color is the first choice, then the fiber. Yarn manufacturers are coming up with all kinds of different yarns. Those yarns that are intertwined with silver or gold threads, beads or sparkling gems give an awesome, stunning look to your finished project. Yarn doesn't have to be made from cotton, the yarn can be made from silk, wool, thin plastic and a seemingly endless list of other materials. The more unique, the more interesting the hand dyed yarn is.

Using the knitting patterns as the guide, follow the detailed intertwining of the yarn threads to hand make a personalized gift. Knitting is a remarkable talent, and individuals love it when they receive a gift from someone that was so thoughtful. These gifts personalized just for them, makes it so loved and appreciated. Many of these items become heirlooms and are passed down through the family for generations. Eventually the items can be worth thousands at antique auctions, that is if the person the item is hand down to, decides to part with it.

'Something Special' is exactly what a personalized gift will be to the recipient. For sentimental reasons, the recipient and descendants may never want to part with the item. The gift can be enjoyed for centuries and become a 'Treasure' to the one that owns it. A treasure is the 'most prized possession' of an individual.

When choosing to knit something special as a gift for another, it is a show of love, kindness and thoughtfulness. Anyone can buy something from a store; even knitted things can be machine manufactured. It is those gifts that are hand knitted that matter the most.

One is never too old to learn how to knit and with so many 'how to' books and videos available, it makes learning fun. So, take the time and visit the nearest store and browse through the patterns. Go ahead and choose one you like, pick out the yarn and needles then begin to knit your special project.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Puttin' on the glitz with Rozetti Soft Payette!

At first glance, Rozetti's Soft Payette looks like any ordinary dk weight yarn. But look a bit more and you'll discover pretty sequins scattered throughout. Here's three lovely scarves to knit out of Soft Payette. The best part, they're all one-skein free knitting patterns!

Soft Payette Patterns shown from left to right: 

by Nancy Queen

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Knit Wicker for spring!

Wicker! Ok, we don't mean furniture. Wicker is a pretty lace cowl from our friends at The Fibre Company. This easy lace project knits up fast and uses Savannah yarn. Best of all it's a free knitting pattern and uses just two skeins of Savannah.
Wicker Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

Completed cowl measures: 28.5" circumference x 12.25" high

You will need:

Happy knitting!


SweetGeorgia Lace Scarf Free Pattern!

We just received a beautiful shipment of SweetGeorgia CashSilk Lace yarn. When we discovered this yarn, we knew we found something special. Not only is it an amazingly soft combination of cashmere and silk, but it's hand dyed and the color palette is spectacular. They have both solid and variegated shades, and we just love the self-striping look of the variegated tones. The way it blends from one shade to another it really unique.

Here's a great way to try one skein of CashSilk Lace!
SweetGeorgia CashSilk Fern Free Scarf Knitting Pattern

Completed Scarf Measures: 7 x 54"

You will need:
Happy knitting!

Monday, April 09, 2012

How to Spruce Up Your Knitting Projects

Art Yarns Beaded Silk Mohair And Sequins Yarn

Knitting is a hobby that just seems to bring one to a place of comfort. There is something about the click of the needles and the feel of the yarn going through the fingers that is both sensory and satisfying all at once. However, a new look to the old craft can bring a new twist to eyes and make the work stand out from the rest. Nothing makes it easier to put a new spin on knitting than the many yarns available today.

Use Unusual Color

Grandmothers of yesterday had only a few colors available to them. They had to use whatever they could find which was pretty limited. Today, there are so many colors to choose from that one is never limited. Unusual colors can catch the eye and bring definition. Colors can be even more eye catching with the use of yarn with sequins embedded in the threads.

Variegated colors are also a great way to bring out different colors. Nothing is cuter than a baby afghan made with pastel colors, but an extra special touch can be made by using variegated yarn. It won’t matter if the coming baby is a girl or a boy with so many colors included in the final project.

Seek Different Textures

Textures of yarn have changed through the years as much as colors. From fuzzy to furry, a piece of work is only limited by imagination. Matching a texture to a yarn with sequins in it can also be fun. Imagine a slightly fuzzy sweater with matching sequins for a little girl. Watch her eyes light up when she tries it on and finds out she sparkles as much as her smile.

Angora makes a wonderful addition to a project and it's unusual texture. Women love the feel of the soft yarns so making something they'll love is as easy as the stitch you choose. There will be lots of joy when that gift is received.

Add a Little Extra Shine

Every girl likes a bit of bling and it’s easy to add shine to almost any project. Not only hand-sewn embellishment can add the sparkle, but yarn with sequins makes it even easier to add a bit more shine. The sequins are embedded in the yarn itself making it effortless to dress up any project and make it stand out.

No matter whether you are making a new scarf for a daughter-in-law or pair of mittens for a granddaughter, it’s easy to make each piece of work stand out from all the rest. It’s also a lot of fun. No one is limited to a small selection of patterns or yarns these days. Finding the unusual is easy through the Internet or the nearest super store.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Knitting Wrap Up: 12 Wraps and Shawl to Knit!

Knitting Wrap Up!
12 Wraps and Shawls to Knit 
This collection wraps and shawl knitting patterns are loaded with texture and style - lace, ruffles, and lots of interesting stitches.We love that they are an easy way to spruce up your wardrobe for spring. 
  1. Claudia Handpaints Frou Frou Flowers Crochet Necklace Pattern
  2. Morning Glory Triangular Shawl Pattern featuring Debbie Macomber Petals Sock Yarn
  3. Gradient Cowl Free Knitting Pattern featuring Shibui Silk Cloud Yarn
  4. Ruffled Scarf Knitting Pattern features Plymouth Eros II Yarn 
  5. Designs by Romi Taygete Shawl Knitting Pattern using Knit One Crochet Too Crock-O-Dye Yarn
  6. Joji Sunset Shawl Knitting Pattern using Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted Yarn
  7. Sweet Shawl with Slubs Knitting Pattern featuring Be Sweet Slubby and Extra Fine Mohair Yarn
  8. Fickle Knitter Simple Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern featuring Shibui Silk Cloud Yarn
  9. Be Sweet Fine Diagonal Shawl Knitting Kit
  10. Joy One Skein Ruffle Scarf Free Pattern featuring Plymouth Joy Metallic Yarn
  11. French Press Knits Lansing Cowl Knitting Pattern using worsted weight yarn
  12. Cosmicpluto Hibiscus Shawl Knitting Pattern using Koigu KPPPM Yarn

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cute Knitting Patterns by Fiber Trends

Jester Hats Pattern By Fiber Trends

Knitting is a fantastic hobby for all ages. Fiber Trends is a great company that makes hat knitting patterns, sock knitting patterns, and knitting patterns for kids. Bev Galeskas began this company in 1994 with one knitting pattern. The company now sells over 200 knitting patterns. Many Fiber Trends knitting patterns can be downloaded or ordered by mail. Patterns can also be purchased from various retailers. Fiber Trends company has many different designers that create unique knitting patterns to order and purchase to create knitted items at home.

Everyone wears socks and this company has many sock knitting patterns. Try a pattern by Hellen Biggers called Hellen’s Favorite. It is for the average size adult foot. This pattern allows adjusting for the length and width of the feet. Next, order a design by Evelyn A. Clark. This pattern is named Leaf Lace Socks. It teaches how to make a sock that has a knitted leaf pattern. Janet Szabo has a design pattern available named Baby Braids socks. The braiding pattern for this sock has been created to make sure the sock fits better on the foot and ankle. Joanne Clark designed the Jazz Sandal Sock knitting pattern with a separate area for the big toe. This means this knitted sock can be worn with flip-flop type sandals!

Hat knitting patterns are always popular. Many people wear an unusual hat size, so knitting a hat is a great option to get a hat that fits correctly. Order the Whales and Sails design created by Bev Galeskas. This pattern allows three different sizes for children. It has a large brim design for summer wear to keep the sun out of children’s eyes. Teenagers will love the School Colors hat pattern created by Betsy Lee McCarthy. The brim can roll up and down. It can be made in three different yarn weights and three different sizes. Make a fun Jester hat from this great company. This pattern is used to make jester hats in sizes toddler through adult size. Tracy Earhart created a pattern for a Snowboarders hat that can create hats for children to adults.

Fiber Trends knitting patterns are also available for children designs. Select from many knitting patterns for kids by various designers. Make a newborn baby blanket with Eugen K. Beugler’s design for a Light and Lacy Baby Blanket. Old-fashioned baby bonnets are difficult to find, so Bev Galeskas created a pattern to make this knitted item. Make children’s ballet slippers with a pattern from Bev Galeskas. Make a Sheep Go Round, a knitted children’s sweater from the pattern created by Bev Galeskas. Fiber Trends has a knitting pattern for a Lacy Days Vest that can be used to make children’s vests in four different sizes. Make a Pretty Flowers toddlers knitted dress design by Bev Galeskas in sizes twelve months to size two.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tipsy Tuesday: Ruffle Yarns Quick Knitting Tip

Do you love knitting with ruffle yarns, but hate having to stop and open the ribbon while you are trying to knit it?
There are a lot of knitters with that same problem! 
Here's our Tipsy Tuesday Quick Knitting Tip

Hi, It's Nancy Queen from I'm here with a Tipsy Tuesday Quick Knitting Tip. 
Today we are going to talk about ruffle yarns and how to knit them. Sometimes, when ruffle yarns are on the ball (or skein), the ribbon is all squished and smashed together and in order to knit them, you actually need to open up the ribbon. We've had this question quite a bit on Facebook and some of our friends on Facebook have answered the question of how they've made knitting with these yarns a bit easier. We're going to share some of those tips with you today. We've gotten some really good ideas.

  1. One knitter recommended that you just take your ribbon (and ruffle) yarn and rewind it into a ball, keeping the ribbon flat as you wind.
  2. Another knitter suggested to use an empty paper towel tube or toilet paper tube. Open the yarn up and wrap it around the tube and it's ready to knit.
  3. And finally, our third knitter was successful wrapping her ruffle yarn around a book. If you hold the yarn on the smaller side, you can open it up easier because the thicker, more weighted side will open it up for you.
So, that's our Tipsy Tuesday Quick Knitting Tip of the Day. Join us next week for more knitting tips! 

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Do you have a knitting tip on this topic? Please post it in the comments below! 
Is there a knitting topic you'd like to know more about? Let us know in the comments section below

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Holy Cowl! We're crazy for cowls!

Cowls! We still can't get enough of these fun knitting projects. Unlike a scarf, where you are endlessly turning and knitting and turning and knitting...cowls are just cast on, knit in the round, and poof! you are done. No seams to  sew, minimal yarn ends to weave in, and it's a great way to try an interesting stitch or luxury yarn.
This new cowl from our good friends at Ewe Ewe yarns is another perfect example of why I love cowl knitting patterns. It's a great little on the go project and best of all, it's a free pattern. Thanks, Ewe Ewe!

Holy Cowl Free Knitting Pattern
Completed cowl measures: 22" around by 9" high

You will need:
Happy Knitting!