Thursday, August 16, 2012

What to Knit for a Big Night Out!

The weekend is almost here - you'll need something to wear for a big night out!
How about this quick and easy to knit shawl featuring Bonanza yarn with a hint of glitz.

Big Night Out Shawl Free Knitting Pattern
Completed Shawl Measures: 60 x 26"

You will need:

Happy knitting!


  1. Anonymous8/17/2012

    Thank you for this free pattern C Lenk

  2. Anonymous8/17/2012

    What does m1p in Row 4 of the Big night out shawl

  3. The last stitch on row 5 is k1, why not k3? If it's k1, then there will be 2 stitches left on the left needle. I bought the yarn, so please explain this.

  4. Anonymous1/28/2013

    I love this shawl and have purchased the yarn to knit it, but not sure what Kfb, m1p and m1 stitches are. Please explain! Thank you!

  5. Knit front and back.
    Make 1 purl.
    Make 1

  6. Did anyone figure out the kfb, m1p and m1 ?