Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Knitting Resolutions

10 Knitting Resolutions of a Yarn-o-holic
  1. I will only have one knitting project going at a time. (ha ha to a rocky on...)
  2. I will only purchase yarn for a project, not to add to my yarn stash.
  3. I will not steal needles from one project so I can use them on another project.
  4. I will use all the yarn in my yarn stash before purchasing new yarn.
  5. I will not leave a project on the needles with only a few rows to complete.
  6. If I knit a sock, I will also knit the other one so that I have a completed pair.
  7. When working on a project, I will write down the pattern information (and where I stopped) so that when I pick it up 2 years later, I will know where I left off.
  8. I will weave in the yarn ends on a project so that I can check it off as completed.
  9. If I see a lone ball of yarn on the shelf at my LYS, I will not purchase it so that it is no longer "lonely."
  10. When knitting a sweater, I will sew the pieces together so I can actually wear the finished garment.
What are your knitting resolutions?

2011 Recap: The Most Popular Yarns of the Year

Reflecting over my knitting this past year, I realized something exciting is happening. We are really seeing a resurgence of fun novelty yarns and luxury hand dyed yarns. 
The focus seems to be on getting a lot of wow out of a fun, quick-knit project while indulging in a special yarn. You don't need to spend $400 to knit an entire sweater, rather you can purchase just one or two balls of a gorgeous alpaca or hand dyed yarn and create a unique scarf, a set of wrist warmers, a cowl, or even a hat. This trend doesn't show any signs of slowing down, so stay tuned for a lot more unique, luxury, and one of a kind yarns for 2012!

Top 10 Yarns of 2011 + Hottest Patterns for Each Yarn
  1. Rozetti Marina Yarn - free 1-skein scarf pattern
  2. Rozetti Flora Ruffle Yarn - free 1-skein scarf pattern
  3. Berroco Link Super Bulky Yarn - free 1-skein scarf pattern on yarn label
  4. Rozetti Tundra Yarn - free 1-skein scarf pattern
  5. Kauni Effekgarn Yarn - free 1 skein scarf knitting pattern
  6. Manos Silk Blend Yarn - main street scarf free pattern
  7. SWTC Yang Sequined Yarn - mariposa shawl pattern free with purchase of yang yarn
  8. Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Yarn - top down jacket knitting pattern
  9. Rozetti Marina Glitz Yarn - free 1-skein scarf pattern
  10. Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted Yarn - wooly stripe scarf free knitting pattern

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drop Stitch Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

Knit a quick and easy scarf that's loade with texture featuring Lana Gatto Ambra yarn.

Completed Scarf Measures: 7 x 55"

You will need:
Cast on 28 stitches
Rows 1-4: Knit. 
Row 5: *(K1, winding yarn 3 times around needle); repeat from * across. 
Row 6: Knit to end, dropping the extra wraps. 
Repeat these rows until almost out of yarn, ending with 4 knit rows. Bind off loosely.

Sock Doctor Key Chain Video Review

Find out why we love this handy little tool for sock knitters! The Sock Doctor Keychain from PolarKnits.

Watch the video review now!
Hi again, it's Nancy Queen from and I'm here today to show you the Sock Doctor Key Chain. The Sock Doctor Key Chain is from our friends at PolarKnits. It's a great little tool to show new knitters how to make sock or as handy reminder of the steps involved to make a sock. On the back of the key chain is how to do the Kitchener Stitch. 

On the front you'll see the sock steps: the cuff, the leg, the heel flap, turning the heel, the instep, the foot, and the toe. Then on the back, the Kitchener stitch is actually written out for you. And finally, there is a little finishing needle hidden in the toe.
It has a key ring and a clip. So, you can clip the Sock Doctor onto your knitting bag or on to the project bag that you are using.

So, that's the Sock Doctor Key Chain, a handy little tool available at Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mark'nits 3-in-1 Set for Knitters Video Review!

Check out this cute little 3-in-1 set from Mark'nits. Designed by our friends at Sig'nits, Mark'nits is functional jewelry for knitters. This looks like a pretty little pin, but it also works as a stitch holder and stitch markers.  Want to know more? Check out our Mark'nits video!
"Hi again! It's Nancy Queen and I'm here with the Mark'nits - knit it, mark it, love it set from Sig'nits. What we love about this little set is that it's a pin, a stitch holder and stitch markers in cute little charms. Great little jewelry for your knitting and for you. 
It starts with a pin. You can put it on your knitting, on your sweater, or even on your coat. Then, it can double as a stitch holder to hold stitches while they are waiting to be cast off, or knit together with a shoulder seam, etc. 
Each set includes 5 little charms. These charms are removable. And you can use them as a locking stitch marker or as a movable marker that floats along your needles. I probably fits up to a size US 10 needle.

The charms are all really adorable and suit what we knitters tend to like. This one is all completed knitting projects. Here's a little scarf, a sweater, a pullover, a hat, and a pair of mittens. There are a bunch of different Mark'nit sets to choose from. This one is another knitting set featuring knitting on the needle, a sheep, a sweater, a cat playing with a ball of yarn - all very sweet. The next one is all candy..actually it's called I love sweets. It includes ice cream and candies. Here is an ocean one that had different seashells and a starfish. We also have a Mark'nits holiday set and it includes a Christmas tree, a snowman, a snowflake and a dove. We have descriptions of all of the Mark'nits available on our website so you can see what charms are included in each set. There is also an I love dogs and an I love cats set. And there is an outdoor set that features nature charms. It has a ladybug, a butterfly, and an acorn.
Very cute! So, these are the Mark'nits Sets - a great little tool for knitters - available at

Monday, December 12, 2011

Knitting Bag Triad Set from Chic-a Bags

We love Chic-a Bags Knitting Bag Triad Set. This is a must have set for every knitter. Watch our video review:

"Hi, this is Nancy Queen and today I'm going to show you the Chic-a Bags Triad Set. There are three pieces to this adorable set. It comes in a toile pattern and is available in a pink toile or black toile. The three pieces are as follows. 

First, this cute little one-skein project bag. It has a zip-top closure, lots of room inside and it's a triangle shape. It's perfect for carrying your needles: up to 10" straight needles, double pointed needles and circular needles and a one or two ball knitting project. 

Next is an adorable little notions bag. It's just right for a small pair of scissors, finishing needles, stitch markers, and row counters. Since it has a key ring, you can hook it to your bag or attach your keys. It's a great little functional bag.

Our favorite part of this Chic-a Bags set is the triad pattern holder. To use this holder, slip your pattern into the plastic sleeve. It has a clear vinyl cover to keep your pattern safe and protected from getting food or drinks spilled on it. Then there is a little strap that you slide over the pattern sleeve. You'll be able to keep track of your knitting by sliding the strap row by row down the pattern. What we really love is the that the whole pattern case folds up into a triangle shape with just two little snaps. Then, it sits perfectly and you rotate it around as you are knitting while sliding the strap to keep track of your rows. Then when you are done knitting, you can close it up and it folds flat and pack it back into your bag. 

Again, this is the Chic-a Bags Triad Set from and it's available in pink or black."

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Easy Knit Blocking!

Hate to block your knitting? Feel overwhelmed with the process? Don't have a good place to lay out a blocking project?

We've found this handy little tool to make your blocking woes go away. It's the Knitter's Block. Packed into a practical tote, the Knitter's Block is a blocking set that includes heat resistant interlocking tiles, t-pins, a pressing cloth, and a blocking instruction pamphlet.

Top 5 Reasons to Love the Knitter's Block

  1. The blocks come apart and all pack up into the tote bag making this kit portable and easy to store.
  2. The tiles don't absorb water (the way towels do), providing faster blocking time.
  3. Blocks are backed with waterproof EVA so it's perfect for using on any surface, moisture won't seep through.
  4. Since the blocks are movable, you'll be able to arrange them in a variety of ways to fit the project you are blocking.
  5. The blocks have a soft, lightly barbed pile allowing the fabric to grip knitting project without pilling or leaving fibers.