Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Putting Glitz in Your Knitting Project

Art Yarns Mohair Splash Yarn
with beads and sequins
Just in! This new arrival from Art Yarns takes knitting to another level! Art Yarns, a leader in luxury natural fibers, blew us away at TNNA with this gorgeous yarn, Mohair Splash. Just like all Art Yarns fibers, Mohair Splash is hand dyed. It's a combination of mohair and silk. The silk strand has been carefully beaded and sequined intermittently. Then wrapped with a mohair strand. When you knit the beads and sequins show up in little clusters, almost like flowers. It's a unique look we haven't found anywhere else. Designer Iris Schreier, created 4 Scarf and Shawl Patterns that are only 1 or 2 ball projects, ideal for knitting with Mohair Splash. Now, on NobleKnits.com, get the Art Yarns 4 Scarf and Shawls PDF pattern FREE with any purchase of ArtYarns Mohair Splash yarn.

Happy Knitting!

4 Scarf & Shawl Patterns
Free with any purchase of ArtYarns Mohair Splash Yarn

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Gift Tags for Knitters and Crafters

Giving a handmade gift? Don't forget to personalize your project with a gift tag. This fun new collection of gift tags from Knitterella lets the recipient know they are receiving something specially handcrafted by you. One side of the tag includes a space for filling the the "handmade by" and "especially for," the other side allows you to fill in fiber content and care instructions. These gift tags available in a variety of styles: Sweet Baby, Just for You, and 2 Humor Sets. Shop all Knitterella Gift Tags

Friday, February 04, 2011

Knit Cowl Pattern | The 3-Hour, 1-Ball Cowl!

Fun! I made this super quick knit project while riding in the car last weekend. The basket weave pattern kept it interesting, and before I knew it, it was time to bind off. I used just one ball of Ironstone's bulky weight Harmony yarn - it's warm, wooly, and not at all scratchy.

The 3-Hour, 1-Ball Cowl Free Pattern

You will need:
Cast on 104 stitches. This project is worked in rounds, begin by joining round and be careful not to twist stitches.
Rounds 1-4:  *Knit 4, Purl 4.*  Repeat from * to * around.
Rounds 5-8:  *Purl 4, Knit 4.*  Repeat from * to * around.
Rounds 9-12:  *Knit 4, Purl 4.*  Repeat from * to * around.
Rounds 13-16:  *Purl 4, Knit 4.*  Repeat from * to * around.
Rounds 17-19:  *Knit 4, Purl 4.*  Repeat from * to * around.
Round 20: Bind off in established pattern.
Weave in yarn ends.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Arrivals from ShibuiKnits!

On a recent post, I recapped the TNNA Show and some of the new yarns and patterns that will be arriving. One photo in particular, received more comments and inquiries than any other. It was this image, shown above. Lindsay from ShibuiKnits is modeling the new Shibui Draper Shawl.
This pattern and yarn both arrived yesterday, absolutely gorgeous! The pattern allows you to knit the shawl in two sizes. Draper features hand painted Shibui Staccato Print yarn, shown in color Jackie. For the small you'll need just 2 balls and for the large you'll need 4. Enjoy!

ShibuiKnits Draper Shawl Pattern
Shibui Draper Shawl Pattern, back view