Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Choose Knitting Needles in 5 Easy Steps

There are so many types of needles available in a wide variety of lengths.  Some needles have points at both ends, others don't. Some needles have long squiggly cables in the middle, while others are only a few inches long. Then there are the different widths, many knitters the job of select needles seems so overwhelming they don't know where to begin.  Our new guide: How to Select Knitting Needles in 5 Easy Steps can be found at the bottom of our knitting needle page. It will help you sort out the diffences between needles and select the right needles for your knitting project. You may want to bookmark the page for easy reference.

Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Chic Knits Cerisara Lace Cardigan Pattern 

This cardigan pattern is beautiful with a modern edge. It comes with easy to knit instructions for the lace pattern and the sleeves. With the holidays coming up this would make a great gift for those women on your list. Order this pattern online from Noble Knits at Shop our entire selection of everything knitting and find great deals today!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Free Knitting Pattern: Ironstone Fireworks Ruffled Swing Jacket


At 2 stitches per inch, this is a quick knit cardigan sweater pattern.  It's stylish and still cozy because it's knit using Ironstone Fireworks yarn.  The jacket has a soft a-line shaping to give it a swing bottom and a flattering ruffled trim on neckline and sleeves.  Want to alter the look a little?  Try knitting it with no ruffle, Or just ruffle on the sleeves, or just on the collar...have fun with it!

Sizes: Small (Medium, Large)
Fits Bust Sizes: 36 (40, 44)"
Completed Chest Measurement: 40 (44, 48)"

You will need:
Gauge: 2 sts per inch on US 15 needles in stockinette stitch

Pattern stitch: Stockinette: Knit Row 1, Purl Row 2

With US 15 needles and Fireworks yarn, cast on 40 (44, 48) sts. Knit in stockinette for 8 (9.5, 11)". Cast on 16 sts each side for sleeves. Continue in stockinette until piece measures 16 (18, 20)" from the beginning. Bind off, marking center 16 (17, 17) sts for neck.

Left Front
Cast on 20 (22, 24) sts. Knit in stockinette st until piece measures 4 inches. NECKSHAPING: With right side facing, mark left edge for neck shaping, so that it will be next side of work and begin neck shaping. Decrease one stitch at neck edge every other row twice, then continue decreasing one stitch at neck edge every 4th row. AT THE SAME TIME: when piece measures 8 (9.5, 11)" cast on 16 sts at beginning of next right side row to create sleeve (this is the opposite side of neck edge). Knit in stockinette untill piece measures same as back.

Right Front
Knit as for left front, reversing all shaping.

Sew shoulders together. Do not sew side seams together at this time.

Ruffled Edge
Note: Royal Llama Linen yarn is used double throughout the ruffle.
With Fireworks, right side of garment facing and two strands of cotton, pick up one stitch in each st along the right front edge, 16 sts along back neck, and one stitch in each stitch along left front edge.
Row 1: (WS) Knit.
Row 2: (RS) Knit, increasing on st in each st.
Row 3: Knit.
Row 4: With Fireworks, knit, increasing on st in each st.
Row 5: Bind off, using Royal Llama Linen only.

At bottom edge of each sleeve, pick up one stitch in each bound of st, and follow the same ruffle instructions. Sew side seams together.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Who is Sidney Sheep?

We've had a lot of questions about this guy, Sidney Sheep.  Who is he?  How did he get so cute?  Can I get one?  

Here's the lowdown on the sheep.
Sidney and his crew (all named Sidney), are the work of artist, Emily Bernard.  She designed a ewenique Sidney just for the Yarns on Stage event.  Each sheep was carefully dressed in 400 yards of beautiful hand dyed sock yarn from each of the 10 featured designers in our Sock-a-palooza event.

If you would like to inquire about Sidney contact Emily at her website

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Featherweight Cardigan Pattern

This beautiful cardigan is a must have for the fall. It makes for a great layering piece and is a current style for anyone. You'll want to wear it every where you go. Shop this and other Knitbot knitting patterns on Noble Knits website at for the latest patterns in knitting. 

Monday, October 04, 2010

Free Knitting Pattern - 8 Row Ruffled Scarf, A One-Ball Project!

Knit a quick ruffled scarf.  I knit this in just one evening while watching a movie.  I love the way it looks like both a scarf and a necklace.  Ironstone's Monet is a lot of fun to work with and the best part...the entire scarf is only 8 rows wide!

8-Row Ruffled Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

Completed Scarf Measures: 2 x 36" approximately

You will need:
Cast on 100 stitches
Row 1   Knit
Row 2   Purl
Row 3   *Knit 1 stitch, knit in front and back of next stitch.*  Repeat from * to * across (150 sts).
Row 4   Purl
Row 5   *Knit 1 stitch, knit in front and back of next stitch.*  Repeat from * to * across (225 sts).
Row 6   Purl
Row 7   Knit 1 stitch, knit in front and back of next stitch.*  Repeat from * to * across (337 sts).
Row 8   Purl
Bind off loosely and weave in yarn ends.

Note: Knit in front and back of next stitch (KFB) - that is the same as increase 1 stitch (Inc 1)