Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danger Knitting!

They're cute, they're fun to knit...they're Monster Chunks! And they are a free knitting pattern from the knitter of all things dangerous...Rebecca Danger. If you haven't tried any of our DangerCrafts knitting patterns, the Monster Chunks is a great introduction. Rebecca's patterns are full color, easy to read and include lots of photos to help you along the way. Gauge is not important on these patterns, Rebecca usually recommends you go down a few needle size than what is suggested on the yarn label. Most important, Dangercraft patterns are all about having fun while knitting. Enjoy!

New! Knittable friends in the DangerCrafts family:

Monday, April 05, 2010

Eat..er, knit your fruits and veggies!

Meet Little Lulu an amurigami knit banana, she's so a-peeling! Best of all, she's a free pattern from Peachcake Knits. Just two balls of worsted weight yarn and a pair of size 8 double pointed needles are all you need to get started. This sweet treat knits up in about 2 hours. Enjoy!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Weekend Knitting Project: Use Your Stash!

Need a way to use up leftover yarns? I just stumbled upon Ashley's Shawl. It's an easy-knit, free pattern from Interweave Press. So pull out your knitting basket, grab a few odd-balls of yarn, and have a happy weekend of n0-think knitting!

Ashley's Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

I've Dyed and Gone to Knitting Heaven!

Yarn dying in process! This roomful of lovely is the work of our friends at Fiesta Yarns. They are preparing the new Flower of the Month Yarn, Gerbera Daisy. It's a palette of my favorite spring colors: orange, pink, yellow, and red. I love seeing the special care that went into every hank of these beautiful yarns!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Flower of the Month Yarns - Gerbera Daisy

New! Hand Dyed Collection from Fiesta Yarns
This month's limited edition Flower of the Month yarns are reminicent of the color palette found in Gerbera Daisies. Fiesta Yarns features La Luz, Ballerina, and Rayon Boucle yarns each with a coordinating pattern. Put a bit of spring in your step with these silk, alpaca, and rayon hand dyed fibers.

A little bit about the flower...Gerbera Daisy stems from the Sunflower, Daisy and Aster family and has 30 species in the wild. They are found largely in Africa, Asia and South America. Through hybridization these flowers are found in a massive array of oranges, reds, pinks, whites, yellows and bi-colors, some with contrasting centers.

What is the Flower of the Month Series?
The Flower of the Month Series is a limited edition collection of hand dyed yarns from Fiesta Yarns. We are honored to be one of a limited number of stores nationwide selected to carry the Flower of the Month yarn & patterns.

How does it work?
Fiesta Yarns has created this collection of beautiful custom dyed yarns and patterns At the end of the month, the yarn is retired and never reproduced. Each month, we will let you know the featured "flower" and projects. Enjoy!

Shop the April 2010 Flower of the Month Collection

Projects featuring the Flower of the Month Yarns
- One ball project! Daisies Lace Shawl
- April Showers Shell
- Spring Fling Shawl