Monday, March 29, 2010

Spa Day: Knit Organic Spa Socks!

Treat yourself!

Knit up a pair of these comfy spa socks featuring Plymouth Oceanside Organic Cotton yarn.
2 balls of Ocanside Organic yarn and size US 4 double pointed needles are all you need to get started.

Why spa socks? Well, they keep your toes exposed for a pedicure and are just right for wearing during yoga class - the open toes and heels help your feet grasp the mat without slipping.

Plymouth Twisted Rib Spa Socks Free Pattern

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Favorite Easter Knitting Projects!

Happy Easter! That's me in the front of the picture rockin' those gold socks and, of course, my brand new white shoes. My mom, a master seamstress, spent countless hours sewing matching clothes for us...many of them unveiled on Easter. One year, Easter even fell on my birthday. It was my 9th birthday and my mom made an Easter Bunny birthday cake complete with white coconut frosting, gumdrop eyes, and red licorice whiskers! Great memories!

Today, I feverishly started knitting a stuffed animal for my daughter which I'm planning on presenting to her on Easter. That got me thinking, we have so many great knitting projects that make great gifts for holiday memories: stuffed toys, kids sweaters, cardigans, and wraps.

Listed below are some of my favorite quick knit projects for this happy Spring holiday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hot Project this Season: Neck Warmers

A few years ago we saw the scarf craze, next came along the poncho craze, then felted bags, socks, and now our latest trend: neck warmers! There is no wonder these neck cozies have come into their own.

Reasons people love to knit neck warmers:
  • Small project, easy pack and go project
  • May be knit in the round
  • Only one or two balls of yarn needed
  • Allows knitter to enjoy knitting an expensive, luxury yarn with out a high price tag
  • No sewing and minimal finishing
  • Easy to knit
  • Patterns are often repetitive for no think knitting
  • May be knit at a variety of widths from a tight turtleneck style to a loose cowl

Our favorite neck warmers you'll love to knit

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knitting Help: How to wind a hank into a ball of yarn

The first time I purchased a hank of yarn, the shop owner advised me, "Be sure to wind it into a ball, you can't knit it like that." I got my hank home and thought I was so smart..."no need to wind it into a ball, I'll just hang it right here on this hook on the back of the door," I thought. Well, have you ever tried to knit a hank that way? It definately does not work. The yarn gets twisted, if any loops fall off they get all tangled on one another, knots everywhere! Okay, lesson learned. I ruined an expensive hank of yarn and was never able to finish my project.

This how-to video shows you in a few steps how easy it is to wind a hank of yarn into a ball. Some yarn shops do have winding machines, but it is something every knitter should know how to do. I find it a very relaxing part of the knitting process. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Got Milk...Yarn? New Kollage Creamy Yarn made from Milk!

Got Milk...Yarn? New Kollage Creamy Yarn is made from real Milk.

Why knit with milk?
  • Milk yarn has a wonderful sheen and is comfortable to wear, just like silk
  • It contains 18 health-friendly amino-acids
  • It's durable and will hold up to wear
  • Milk yarn contains natural protein so it feels soft and smoth on your skin
  • The amino-acids also make milk yarn antibacterial and antifungal
  • Milk yarn is moisture absorbing and will keep you cool on hot days
  • Accepts dye beautifully, providing you with rich colorfast yarn
  • Milk fiber has been deemed an international ecological textile
  • Shop Kollage Creamy yarns
More reasons to knit with Kollage Creamy - great knitting patterns!

Kollage Sugar Cane Shawl knitting pattern

Kollage Checkerboard Swirls Shawl knitting pattern

Kollage Triangle Lace Shawl knitting pattern

Monday, March 08, 2010

Martha Stewart Show features The Knit Kit

Marth Stewart Show Features The Knit Kit
Creator, Barbara Barry, features the Knit Kit today, Tuesday March 9th on the Marth Stewart Show. The Knit Kit is a portable knitting companion. Packed inside this handy little kit are all the knitting tools you'll ever need: stitch markers, scissors, tape measure, stitch counter, crochet hook, thread cutter, and (point) tip protectors. The knit kit is TSA approved, great for travel, and a must have for your knitting bag.
The Turquoise Knit Kit is NEW for 2010 and includes 2 additional features: a double sided crochet hook (especially for sock knitters), and a darning needle for finishing work.

Get your Knit Kit Today! Available in Black or Turquoise

The NEW Knit Kit for 2010 shown in Turquoise - 2 additional features: a double sided crochet hook and a finishing needle.

The back of The Knit Kit, shows open compartment for scissors, point protectors, and stitch markers

The Knit Kit - note key features: crochet hook (left), stitch counter (top), thread cutter (right), and tape measure (bottom)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New from Australia! Pear Tree Yarns + Patterns

Pear Tree Yarn and Patterns

We are proud to you a new line of yarns and patterns from Down Under. Pear Tree delivers only the finest Australian natural fibers in insure your final knitted garment is soft, light, and luxurious to wear. The accompanying patterns are sophisticated, yet simple and relaxing to knit.
Many project require as little as one or two hanks.

Shop the entire collection of Pear Tree Patterns and Yarns

pear tree featured one hank projects

Monday, March 01, 2010

New! Limited Edition Yarn Line from Fiesta Yarns

Fiesta Yarns Flower of the Month Series

New! The Flower of the Month Series is a limited edition collection of hand dyed yarns from Fiesta Yarn. We are honored to be one of a limited number of stores nationwide selected to carry the Flower of the Month yarn & patterns.

How does it work?
Each month we will introduce a new "flower" and the yarns that represent it. Coordinating patterns are also available for each yarn. At the end of each month the yarns will be retired and never reproduced. Each month we will let you know the featured "flower" and projects. Enjoy!
Shop the March 2010 Flower of the Month Collection

March 2010 Flower of the Month - Tulips!
Tulips are the world's third most popular flower after Rose and Chrysanthemum. They have been cultivated for almost 500 years originating in Asia and were later introduced to Holland. Now in great demand around the world, tulips are used for various special occasions. Tulips come in a variety of vibrant colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and bi-colors.

This month's limited edition Flower of the Month yarn's are reminicent of the color palette found in tulips. Enjoy knitting with these beautiful March hand dyed yarns including Fiesta's Ballet, Gracie's Lace, and La Boheme.
Shop the Tulip Yarns now!

Project featuring the Flower of the Month Yarns

Hurry! These limited edition yarns won't be around very long!